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Travis Barker gave Kourtney Kardashian a massive diamond ring when they got engaged on Oct. 17.

Here's Why Kourtney's Ring From Travis Makes So Much Sense For Them

The oval-cut ring is around 15 carats.

Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Travis Barker isn’t shy about showing his love for Kourtney Kardashian — the man was willing to take his first plane ride in 13 years just to travel with her. So naturally, when Barker popped the question during an Oct. 17 beach trip to the Rosewood Miramar Resort in Montecito, California, he did so with a stunning and massive diamond ring. Although Kardashian hasn’t shared a pic of the engagement ring yet, it’s visible in Kim Kardashian’s sweet Instagram story of the couple kissing.

The oval-cut ring features a thin band and large diamond. The designer is currently unknown. Kathryn Money, SVP of merchandising and retail for Brilliant Earth, told Page Six that the diamond appears to be around 10 to 12 carats, and valued up to $1 million. Mike Fried, CEO of The Diamond Pro, estimated it to be around 15 carats and valued at around $1 million.

“From what I can see, it looks to be a well-cut diamond that offers an abundance of brilliance and fire,” Fried tells Elite Daily. “A ring of this size, style, and cost shows that these two are absolutely committed to each other. The eternal style of the ring symbolizes Travis and Kourtney’s intention to be with each other forever.” Seems appropriate — after all, the idea of “forever” is kind of Kravis’ thing. It was even the caption of Kardashian’s engagement announcement post.

The style is classic, but also trendy. Justin Bieber gave Hailey Baldwin a very similar ring, which was itself reportedly inspired by Blake Lively’s iconic ring. (Although, as Fried notes, Lively’s had an “incredibly rare” pink diamond.) “This ring style is popular because it accentuates the massive, fancy diamond while offering a classic appearance,” he says. “It’s a perfect combination of unique yet timeless.”

Kardashian announced her engagement in an Oct. 17 Instagram post. An anonymous source told People that Barker took her on a sunset walk to the beach, where she found red and white roses shaped into a heart. “You could tell that she wasn't sure what was going on when she saw all the roses on the beach,” the insider said. “They both looked very happy.” The location also has a special significance for the newly-engaged couple: In July 2021, they were photographed showing some PDA at the same Montecito resort. According to one E! source, it’s “one of their favorite places, and they have a lot of memories there.”

The newly-engaged couple were friends for years before Us Weekly confirmed their romantic relationship in January 2021. One month later, they went Instagram official. “Kourtney and Travis have talked about marriage,” a source told E! in July 2021. “It was an instant connection and bond ever since they became romantically involved… They are in it for the long haul.” But really, that massive rock speaks for itself.