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Travis Barker's quotes about flying with Kourtney Kardashian are incredibly romantic.

Travis Opened Up About Flying With Kourtney & I'm Sorry, I'm Sobbing


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If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are couple goals. Between their flirty IG comments (at this point, I’m pretty sure they own the black heart emoji) and their constant PDA sessions, Kravis is a power couple through and through. Not to mention the fact that Kardashian was the only person who could convince Barker to fly again after his tragic plane crash in 2008. “I'm invincible when I'm with her,” Barker explained to Nylon for its Sept. 8 profile on the drummer. Ugh, so freakin’ cute. And that’s just one of Barker’s sweet quotes about flying with Kardashian — there’s plenty more where that came from.

Throughout the interview, Barker’s relationship with Kardashian came up a lot (as it should), and he had no problem explaining exactly how much she means to him. The most obvious evidence of that? Their impromptu flight to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Aug. 14. Apparently, Barker didn’t even know about their trip until 24 hours ahead of time, but he didn’t mind the last-minute arrangements — as long as they were with Kardashian.

Barker explained his romantic decision to fly again. “I made a deal with [Kardashian] that she had just said to me, ‘I would love to do so much traveling with you. I want to go to Italy with you. I want to go to Cabo with you. I want to go to Paris with you. I want to go to Bora Bora with you,’” he recalled to Nylon. “And I said, ‘Well, when the day comes you want to fly, I'm telling you I'll do it with you. I would do anything with you. And just give me 24 hours’ notice.’ And that's what she did.”

Although his relationship with Kardashian has made it possible for Barker to fly again, it’s still a nerve-racking process for the 45-year-old. (Understandable.) He explained, “It's still something very new to me, but having something that gives me the strength and hope to be able to overcome things that were so traumatic in my life, it just says a ton.”

Barker continued, “She's definitely that for me. I'm invincible when I'm with her. It’s like I never dreamed, I never even considered flying again.” Since his relationship with Kardashian began in Feb. 2021 (or, at least, that’s when they went IG official), he mentioned the possibility of taking to the skies again a few times — once in May 2021 and then again in June 2021 with a tweet: “I might fly again✈️.” It was another two months before they flew together to Mexico. (Since then, they’ve also flown to Italy and France together.)

If this interview is any indication, Kravis is well on their way to taking over the world, one flight at a time.

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