Kanye West And Calvin Harris May Be Teaming Up In An Epic Way


Kanye West and Calvin Harris have a few things to bond over.

For starters, neither man is currently a fan of Ms. Taylor Swift. Yup, sharing a common enemy is definitely bringing them closer.

Kanye and Taylor are obviously feuding over his song "Famous" and Calvin isn't on the best terms with the 1989 singer after their dramatic breakup in May.

But now the artists have found a new way to connect-- through their music.

You heard that right. Kanye West and Calvin Harris may be working on a collaboration in the near future.

A source told E! News that the 32-year-old DJ is interested in making music with the 39-year-old rapper. The source explained,

And while nothing is in the works quite yet, Calvin thinks the rapper is 'brilliant with music.'

HMMM, is Calvin hinting that he's a fan of "Famous?" That certainly makes things interesting, considering his ex-girlfriend is referenced in the song.

Another source told E! News that Kanye and Kim Kardashian consider Calvin a very talented artist. When discussing what went down between the trio at Jennifer Lopez's 47th birthday party last weekend, the insider shared,

When Kim walked in, Calvin saw her and stood up. He was clearly excited to see her and said 'hi' to Kim backstage.


It's cool to know Calvin and Kanye are on good terms since both are nominated for several awards at MTV's Video Music Awards.

Perhaps they'll share a new collaboration that night? UGH, a girl can only hope.

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