Despite tons of hype, 'Jupiter Ascending' was not well received, but it's still a fun watch to strea...

You Need To Watch This Wild Sci-Fi Flop Before It Leaves Netflix

How could a movie with such a stacked cast tank so hard?

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Sometimes, the perfect choice for a hilarious movie night with friends is to press play on a bad movie. Something with a plot that is so ridiculous and the characters are so over-the-top that you don’t really have to worry too much about paying attention — you can focus on cracking jokes instead. One of the best films in this very specific genre is Jupiter Ascending. But sadly, this bonafide sci-fi flop is about to leave Netflix, so you need to watch it ASAP.

The 2015 intergalactic epic has a damning 27% on Rotten Tomatoes, but don’t let that score deter you. Despite the overwhelmingly negative response to the admittedly impossible-to-follow space opera, Jupiter Ascending is already being recognized as a burgeoning cult classic for its sheer ridiculousness. It’s easy to see why the movie is so beloved: It’s got an all-star cast making fools out of themselves (Channing Tatum is a part-dog bounty hunter while Eddie Redmayne is a planet-controlling dictator who only speaks in whispers), a laughably complicated plot (Mila Kunis is the queen of the universe maybe?), and next-level stunning visuals to help distract from all of the above.

All of those things come together to make Jupiter Ascending a perfect hangout movie. Don’t worry about trying to keep up with what’s happening — it’s impossible! — just enjoy watching Channing Tatum tell Mila Kunis he has more in common with a dog than a human and have a laugh.

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The bad news is Jupiter Ascending won’t be available to stream on Netflix for too much longer. The cult flick will leave the streamer at the end of July, so you have until July 31 to try to figure out the confusing Abrasax family tree or why bees are randomly obsessed with Mila Kunis’ character.

If you aren’t able to stream Jupiter Ascending on Netflix before August, or you just want to watch it again in the future, you may be in luck. Nothing is confirmed yet, but the movie will likely become available on HBO Max once it leaves Netflix. Jupiter Ascending has already been available on HBO, HBO Now, and HBO Go, since HBO’s parent company, Warner Bros., owns the international distribution rights. So, it only makes sense for the production company to add the movie to its new streaming service once it’s off Netflix.

Even if sci-fi movies aren’t usually your thing, Jupiter Ascending is pretty much guaranteed to get a laugh out of you, and it will have you looking at Tatum, Kunis, and Redmayne in a whole new light (TBH, it’s Redmayne’s most iconic performance ever). So before summer comes to an end, invite your friends over and find out why Jupiter Ascending is well on its way to becoming a modern cult classic.