JoJo Siwa's teddy bear arm tattoo is apparently a teaser for her album art.

JoJo Siwa Just Got A Massive Tattoo That Teases Her New Album Art

Her bad girl era has reached new heights.

JoJo Siwa is fully embracing her edgy rebrand with a permanent mark to prove it. On June 27, the “Karma” singer debuted a huge new tattoo on her right arm. And the unique artwork was chosen for a reason, as it apparently will be the cover of Siwa’s upcoming album.

Siwa’s gotten a few notable tattoos over the past year, but her latest is the most eye-catching yet. Los Angeles-based tattoo parlor Costello Tattoo Studio shared the first look at Siwa’s upper arm tattoo, posting a couple photos of the singer showing off the large drawing of a teddy bear in a cargo vest and sunglasses with angelic wings. The studio also let slip why the artwork is extra special, teasing that it’s Siwa’s “new album cover brought to life in ink.”

Siwa has not yet unveiled what her upcoming album will be called, having only released the vengeful single “Karma” and executed a shocking style rebrand to hint at the new era, but now it looks like there’s an official mascot. The bear appears to be wearing a vest similar to the reflective orange vest Siwa wore for several weeks throughout the summer to promote “Karma.”

After getting the ink, Siwa reposted a friend’s photo of her showing off the tattoo at a line dancing bar.


The latest piece of ink came a year after Siwa got her first tattoo in July 2023. Back then, she chronicled the experience of getting “1031” tattooed behind her ear alongside Raven-Symoné and her wife Miranda Maday. That number signified the number of days her first tour lasted, as well as referencing her 2003 birth year.

Shortly after getting her first tat, Siwa got several more on her left arm, including the names she wants to give her potential future children. “This one's dedicated to my baby girl one day, her name is Freddie," Siwa explained in early 2024. "Then this is dedicated to twin boys. Eddie and Teddie. Freddie, Eddie, and Teddie. I want three babies.”

That last name clearly sticks out even more in light of the new teddy bear tattoo. Clearly, the stuffed animal has an important place in Siwa’s artistry.