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JoJo Siwa Rang In 21 By "Drinking Around The World” At EPCOT

She was a bad girl. She did some bad things.

When JoJo Siwa does something, she does it at 100%. Everyone knows that at this point thanks to her dramatic bad-girl rebrand and self-proclaimed title as the inventor of gay pop. So naturally, she was going to go hard for her 21st birthday... but who could have guessed she’d go this hard?

In the days leading up to her milestone birthday on May 19, Siwa disclosed her rowdy party plans on The Tonight Show. “I am actually going to be in Disney World,” Siwa said, before adding: “I’m going to be drinking around the world at EPCOT.”

And sure enough, that’s exactly what she did. In one TikTok, Siwa was seen hanging out with her Special Forces co-star Tyler Cameron and attempting to start a slurred sing-along to her bad-girl anthem “Karma.” She also posted a video of her whole Disney World crew, which included Cameron and G Flip, with a noticeably misspelled caption: “Happhalpy 21st.” The whole outing, she wore the bedazzled safety vest that she had been sporting for several days before.

But the boozy fun began before Siwa got to the theme park. Earlier in the weekend, Siwa posted a TikTok from a very chaotic looking house party. “It’s my 21st birthday. I’m drunk as f*ck right now!” Siwa screamed, as a friend threw pieces of bread at her.

Apparently, things got pretty physical at the rager: “I got punched in the eye. It hurts really bad, but I’m OK,” Siwa said, showing off a bruise under her right eye. As if the wasted vibes weren’t already apparent, Siwa turned the camera towards the kitchen counter to show off a horde of liquor bottles: “That’s my liquor spread. Happy 21st birthday to me!”


Although Siwa’s recent antics have caused some fans to cringe, she seems to be taking it all in stride and brushing off what other people think. Earlier this month, Saturday Night Live poked fun at Siwa’s new look and attitude, and rather than get offended, Siwa celebrated the sketch and called it “iconic.” Now that’s how you come back like a boomerang.