who is G Flip? Let's meet Chrishell Stause's new partner.

Who Is G Flip? Meet Chrishell Stause's Partner

They’re a Virgo, BTW.

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Ever since confirming their romance during Netflix’s Selling Sunset reunion, which aired May 6, Chrishell Stause has been opening up about her relationship with Australian musician G Flip. The duo met when Chrishell starred in G Flip’s May 12 music video for “Get Me Outta Here.” Since then, their relationship has moved pretty quickly. According to a May 7 Instagram, Chrishell even gave G Flip a tattoo in honor of their collab. But who is G Flip? Chrishell’s partner has an interesting background.

G Flip may not be super popular in the US yet, but with catchy songs like “GAY 4 ME” and “2 Million” (and their romance with Chrishell), I’m pretty sure they’ll be a household name soon. Ever since Chrishell announced their relationship during the Selling Sunset Season 5 reunion, which aired May 6, countless fans have been cheering on the new lovebirds. Other fans questioned if the realtor was ready for a new relationship after her split from Jason Oppenheim in December 2021. (Um, is that their business?) Unfortunately, there’s also been some pretty disrespectful commentary from fans who mistakenly think Chrishell — who is vocal about wanting to be a mom — can’t pursue motherhood because of her relationship with G Flip, who is non-binary.

The Selling Sunset star addressed her followers in a vulnerable IG video on May 10. She explained, “I know some of you won’t understand this or agree with this, but for me, it is about the person. It is about their heart. And yes, there’s that part of you that’s, like, what you’re attracted to. But for me, I am attracted to masculine energy, and I don’t really care what the physical form is.”

G Flip, for their part, has been relatively silent on the new relationship. However, they did respond to Chrishell’s post, “Well said beautiful 🌈❤️✨.” Sweet, but still doesn’t tell us a lot about the singer/songwriter. Luckily, older interviews give fans some insight into who exactly G Flip is. Here’s what I do know.

G Flip Wants Their Music To Help Others

In February, the 27-year-old explained their goals during an interview with NME. “I wish I had a non-binary, gay, lead-singing drummer to watch; it would’ve calmed the dark, confused voices in my head that told me I didn’t belong anywhere as my authentic self,” they said. “If I am able to silence those voices for someone else, my job on this planet is done. If No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani had a baby with Travis Barker: a lead-singing, drumming, Australian AF, non-binary singer, then you’d have me: G FLIP.”

They’ve Been Creating Music For A Long Time

During an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, G Flip explained their longtime love of creating music. Apparently, they started drumming at 9 years old, and they’ve been making music ever since. At 19, they joined the band EMPRA and went from Melbourne to tour the United States.

When they got back and the band broke up, G Flip decided to work on creating music solo for a full year. “I made it like a job, so I’d work from 9:00-4:30 in my bedroom, teaching myself how to produce. Then from 4:30 I’d teach drums in my bedroom as well, I’d have students come over so that’s how I kept myself alive,” they explained.

They released their first single “About You” in February 2018, and their first album “About Us” was released in August 2019.

They’re a Virgo Sun

Virgos are known for being hard-working perfectionists, and considering G Flip admitted to spending a whole year solely focusing on their music, that checks out. Fortunately, it seems that their dedication paid off. By the end of that year, G Flip released “About You,” which propelled them into the music industry.

Virgos also tend to be a little more reserved with their emotions. While Chrishell has opened up about their romance several times (she’s a Cancer), G Flip has kept their public commentary to the occasional supportive Instagram comment. Whether they have the same social media personas doesn’t seem too important though. As Chrishell said, “I’m really happy,” and that’s what counts.

Though there’s still plenty we don’t know about G Flip (their IG only dates back to February!), it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing and hearing more from them.