"Karma" (SNL's Version)
'Saturday Night Live' recently did a skit cosplaying JoJo Siwa's new rebrand.

JoJo Siwa Had A Surprising Reaction To That SNL Impression Of Her

She made her feelings known.

Live from New York, it’s JoJo Siwa’s eccentric rebrand. Saturday Night Live always has their ear to social media, turning the latest viral moment into a minutes-long sketch. And recently, no other bit has fascinated the internet more than Siwa’s new music era. She’s done it all: released an allegedly years-old demo dissing her ex (“Karma”), claimed to be an originator of “gay pop,” and debuted an impossible-to-ignore new look — all the ingredients needed for SNL’s newest parody.

On May 4, cast member Chloe Fineman transformed into the former child star for an appearance on Weekend Update. She entered by doing Siwa’s memorable dance move from “Karma,” fittingly dressed in the singer’s new glittery KISS-inspired outfit. For the next three minutes, she touched on every detail in Siwa’s bad girl phase, such as declaring she’s “the first gay girl in the world” and recalling her old signature look. (RIP multi-colored bows and tight side ponytails.)

“That’s right, Colin. I’m a bad girl now,” Fineman said in Siwa’s raspy voice, flashing a “rock-on” hand symbol. “I used to be rainbow sparkles, and now, I’m black sparkles. I look like if a figure skater joined a street gang.”

NBC/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Elsewhere, Fineman doubled down. “I’ve completely reinvented myself. No one my age has done this,” she said, which feels like a nod to the commentary that Siwa’s rebrand is a new version of Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz era.

Similar to her response to those comparisons, it seems the “Karma” star isn’t offended by the SNL sketch. One day later, Siwa reposted the skit on her Instagram Stories, writing: “ICONIC. I literally don’t know what to say this is f*cking crazy. 3 and a half minute skit on SNL.”

This isn’t Fineman’s first time cosplaying as Siwa. She first tapped into her personality in 2020’s skit, “MasterClass Quarantine Edition,” where she played a bubbly influencer with a soft spot for bows. While Siwa hasn’t commented on the pandemic skit, she’s certainly a fan of Fineman’s latest rendition.