Joey Totally Lost It In This 'Friends' Scene, And You Probably Missed It

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Between NBC's "must-see" Thursdays in the '90s, nationwide syndication and all the reruns available through streaming services, it's pretty safe to say we've all seen just about every episode of "Friends."

All the same, it's also safe to say not many people noticed this gaffe from Matt LeBlanc in one episode. During "The One with the Worst Best Man Ever," LeBlanc's character, Joey Tribbiani, is clearly shown breaking character.

One second, he's glaring at a character across the room, the next, he's very obviously turning his face in laughter after Ross freaks out.

The little discovery was recently made by a viewer -- probably during a Netflix and chill sesh -- and the viewer shared the "Friends" clip on Twitter.

Yeah, I definitely never caught that the first time. I mean, who would notice? We're all used to seeing people break character during, say, a "Saturday Night Live" taping. But those character breaks happen live, and "Friends" is taped.

Anyway, this just proves the virtues of binge-watching. "Friends" has been over for a decade plus, and that episode originally aired in 1998, yet here we are, still figuring things out about the show, like this easy-to-miss detail about Phoebe's brother and the true identity of Ugly Naked Guy.

This moment from Joey is right up that alley. Oh, and I'd be remiss not to ask...

How you doin'?

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