You Probably Never Noticed This Detail About Phoebe's Brother In 'Friends'

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OK, woahhh. Are you ready to have your mind blown?

If you love "Friends" as much as I do, you probably think you know every character, quote and moment from the series.

But even the most die-hard "Friends" fans probably missed this detail about Phoebe's brother, Frank Jr.

If you recall, Frank and his wife asked Phoebe to be a surrogate mother for them. His character is introduced in the fifth episode of season three, but apparently, the actor appeared in an earlier episode of the series.

The actor, Giovanni Ribisi, actually showed up in the second season. In the episode "The One with the Baby on the Bus," Phoebe has to play music outside of Central Perk because she gets replaced. Poor girl.

While she's singing, a man walks by and drops a condom in her guitar case, but then he comes back because he realizes he needs it.

Yeah, remember that guy? Maybe this photo will help jog your memory.

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The actor played this dude before he played Frank. WEIRD, RIGHT?

As Cosmopolitan points out, fans may think Ribisi was playing Frank the whole time since he is Phoebe's long-lost brother, but really, he was just being an extra.

It really makes you wonder what other "Friends" details we never noticed...

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