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The 'Jersey Shore' cast, with their differing zodiac signs, posing in Florence, Italy.
The Jersey Shore Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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by Kristen Perrone and Dylan Kickham
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I wouldn't advise following astrology to the point of it being your only moral compass, but in the case of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast, it might be a helpful explanation for the ways they act from time to time. From Snooki's bluntness to Vinny's quieter approach, the show’s main cast members and background players perfectly capture the different personas represented by the 12 zodiac signs. Because of this, it’s pretty clear which Jersey Shore character you are most like, simply based on your zodiac sign.

After becoming instant reality TV icons when Jersey Shore premiered on MTV back in 2009, the messy group of East Coast partygoers proved they are still more than capable of delivering the drama a decade later when they launched their reunion series Jersey Shore Family Vacation in 2018. Seeing the group hit the club again reminded fans that we all have that one cast member we totally relate to, and TBH, a lot of that has to do with how distinctly each guido and guidette embody the traits of the various zodiac signs. If you really think about it, the show is basically a living horoscope… just soaked in alcohol, hair gel, and spray tan solution.

Of course, it’s necessary to include some of the supporting characters of Jersey Shore to have a representative for each sign, so don't take it too personally if you feel most connected to one of the less exciting people on the show. After all, we can't all be JWoww.

Aries: You’re Sammi

Aries are honest and passionate, which basically sums up Sammi's entire relationship with Ronnie over the course of the original show. Something about Ronnie always drew Sammi back to him, reflecting an Aries' optimistic streak; she kept believing things would get better with their relationship. Sammi even captured the Aries tendency to enjoy sports (she was a soccer player in college).

Aries can often struggle with moodiness and impatience, which also helps explain the low points of Sammi's time with Ronnie. In relationships, Aries are quick to admit their feelings, which we all know led to a mixed bag of emotions for Sammi and Ronnie. Aries are also confident in making bold decisions, like Sammi’s unwavering choice in being the only main cast member to not take part in Family Vacation.

Taurus: You’re Ronnie

Taureans love being surrounded by the finer things in life, and given that he now lives in Las Vegas, Ronnie doesn't shy away from glamour. When they’re in their best mental state, Taureans are reliable and devoted, and when they've made up their mind about something, they tend to stick to their decision.

However, this aspect of commitment also comes across as stubbornness, a trait Ronnie often showed in his arguments with Sammi. Taureans can also act possessive and react badly to big changes in their life. Jersey Shore Family Vacation showed even more of these aspects of Ronnie’s personality.

Gemini: You’re The Situation

Geminis are quick and curious when it comes to new surroundings, and in early seasons of Jersey Shore, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was like the puppy that just wouldn't stop yapping. Always ready to hit the club, The Situation captured a Gemini's approach to exploring the world around him, often acting too restless and open-minded for his own good. Mike is incredibly social, but his Gemini qualities often caused him to quickly lose interest in group conversations and try to find something more entertaining.

The restlessness that can initially be endearing can also harm a Gemini when it comes to love. Geminis struggle in finding loving emotions that last, and they're always on the lookout for the next best thing. However, given Mike's longtime relationship with college sweetheart, Lauren Pesce, it looks like he finally has someone who can keep up with his fast-paced qualities.

Cancer: You’re Pauly D

The perennially single friend of the group, Pauly D was always the one to rile up excitement for the gang's nights out partying. Such persuasion is a star quality for Cancers, who are often tenacious and intuitive. While Cancers love being with their tight-knit social circles, professionally, they excel on their own, which fits Pauly's career as a DJ perfectly.

Often serving as a big brother figure to the women of the Jersey Shore house, Pauly is quick to help others but also tends to avoid conflict. Who can forget the countless fights Pauly just watched from the sidelines? Cancers may avoid confrontation, and as long as they're happy with their life choices, nothing can really ruin their mood.

Leo: You’re Angelina

The most polarizing figure of the Jersey Shore cast, Angelina made an unforgettable impact with her short-lived time on the show. Exemplifying the Leo sign, she is passionate and has a sense of humor, but also wants to be admired. When a Leo doesn't get the attention they desire, they can act out, hence why Angelina didn't last long in a house of such strong personalities.

At their worst, Leos are arrogant and stubborn, and in Angelina's case, she didn’t exactly get a chance to show off her best colors back in the day. Her dramatics epitomized a Leo's tendency to see themselves as the literal king of the jungle. But as Angelina proved with her comeback in Family Vacation, not all Leos are destined to forever be the evicted housemate. After a bit of maturing, Angelina’s tendency for over-the-top dramatics became a more fun and celebrated part of the cast, giving Family Vacation the drama and silliness it needed.

Virgo: You’re Danny

Oh, Danny. The long-suffering Shore Store owner put up with the cast's often lazy approach to work schedules whenever they filmed a season in New Jersey, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Danny looks upon all of the cast members affectionately. Such loyalty to the cast emphasizes a Virgo's best quality, and Danny's dedication to his store captures the devoted work ethic of a Virgo. Virgos may be "all work and no play" sometimes, but Danny's recurring kindness toward the housemates was always evident. He didn't pop up on the show too often, emphasizing a Virgo's dislike of the spotlight, but he always made his voice heard when he did make an appearance.

Libra: You’re Jionni

Libras are cooperative and avoid conflict, which captures Jionni's present-day persona perfectly. Having married Snooki in 2014 after their relationship started on Jersey Shore, Jionni has been vocal about not wanting to appear on the reboot series, which is a clear sign he, like many Libras, is not interested in drama or controversy. A Libra values partnership, which Jionni emphasizes in his life with Snooki, and this devotion to making his relationship work jibes with Libras’ tendencies to be die-hard romantics.

On the downside, Libras can be indecisive, which can clash with their dislike of conflict. Grudges can also last a long time for Libras, which only ups the chance of conflict entering their lives. Case in point: When Snooki left Family Vacation, fans suspected Jionni was behind the decision.

Scorpio: You’re Vinny

Scorpios are passionately loyal friends, and if there's anyone in the Jersey Shore cast who is universally loved, it's Vinny. A Scorpio is calm, cool, and collected... and loves to show affection toward friends through teasing (so Vinny). While friendship comes easily to a Scorpio, love is a slightly bumpier road, and Scorpios can take a while to build the trust required for a relationship. For example: Vinny's relationships, if any, were rarely mentioned on the original show, and while he had a girlfriend, Elicea Shyann, during Family Vacation filming, he has since split from her.

Scorpios also struggle in the balance between being passive and assertive. Vinny often clashed with the high-intensity environment of Jersey Shore; he even went home during filming for Season 5 because he needed a break. He was always a great friend, but like many other Scorpios, he had trouble sharing his true feelings sometimes.

Sagittarius: You’re Snooki

Known for cracking jokes and bursting with energy for new adventures, Snooki is a true Sagittarius. When she explains herself in interviews, Snooki may not always make sense, but she is quite philosophical in an understated way, which is a strong Sagittarius quality. While Snooki is more of a homebody these days than she was in past years, Sagittarians love freedom, which Snooki fully enjoyed on both Jersey Shore and Family Vacation.

Going off their love of freedom, extroverted Sagittarians also hate being restrained. Like Geminis, they can become a little restless, which could explain some of the numerous clashes between Snooki and Mike over the years.

Capricorn: You’re Deena

Deena cruised into the Jersey Shore cast in Season 3 acting as cool as a cucumber, which definitely showed off the Capricorn qualities of independence and discipline. Capricorns are also incredibly loyal, which explains Deena's initial bond with Snooki, who she knew before filming the show. As fans saw, whoever was friends with Snooki was a friend of Deena's, and the two of them plus Jenni developed a fast friendship that’s remained strong throughout the years.

Joining the show as an outsider could have ended disastrously for Deena, but she had a perfect Capricorn balance of confidence and self-awareness to fit right in with the others (her early blowup with Sammi aside, of course).

Aquarius: You’re Roger

Like Snooki and her husband Jionni, Jenni and Roger also started dating during the filming of Jersey Shore Season 3. (Although he and JWoww were together for several years, they ended their marriage on a messy note in 2018, which became a big part of JWoww’s Family Vacation story.)

Like Roger, Aquarians are natural rebels and nonconformists who don’t always do well with societal constructs. Those born under the Aquarius sign are often energetic, but love their alone time, which can be seen in Roger’s career as a trucker and his shunning of the TV cameras during Family Vacation.

Pisces: You’re JWoww

A Pisces can be the best friend you could possibly ask for, and if there's anything the 2012 spinoff Snooki & JWoww proved, it's that Jenni is fiercely loyal to Nicole and would do just about anything for her. Characterized by their compassion and empathy, a Pisces is the perfect shoulder to cry on, as JWoww has been for Snooki time and again throughout the years.

A Pisces is also very expressive, which explains JWoww never holding back from an argument or the opportunity to get her point across. On the downside, a Pisces often sees themselves as a martyr, which fans have definitely seen Jenni experience in some of her shouting matches over the years.

If all this Jersey Shore talk has you feeling nostalgic, you can stream the original series on Hulu, along with the first couple seasons of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Family Vacation is still airing new episodes Thursdays on MTV.

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