Jeramey and Nick Lachey at the 'Love Is Blind' reunion

Jeramey Called Out Nick Lachey After The Love Is Blind Reunion

He went off on IG.


Love Is Blind Season 6 might have been the show’s messiest yet — and its cast, specifically its toxic men, earned every viewer’s annoyance. (Even Hilary Duff’s husband, Matthew Koma, got involved. He went viral for DMing the cast his thoughts while recovering from a vasectomy.) It seems like Nick Lachey, one of the show’s co-hosts, was just as unimpressed with this crop of male contestants — and Jeramey Lutinski is calling him out for, in his opinion, being insensitive during the reunion taping.

During the Love Is Blind reunion, which started streaming on Netflix on March 13, Nick told Trevor Soa, “We know you asked to leave, you can leave now.” He was referring to Trevor’s clear discomfort in discussing the drama surrounding his texts with his rumored ex. Jeramey posted Lachey’s quote on his Instagram stories and did not hold back on his thoughts.

"When [Trevor] came on stage he was clearly shook,” Jeramey wrote, per Entertainment Tonight. “Also, before the texts were shown he said he was not mentally able to handle it at the moment. Instead of letting him go then, he had to sit through it. Except that whole part is missing.”

Jeramey added, “Mental health is a real thing people.”


ICYMI, both Jeramey and Trevor were in hot water during the reunion. Over the course of the show, Jeramey split with his fiancée Laura Dadisman after spending all night ~talking~ to Sarah Ann Bick, another contestant. (He also lied about seeing Sarah Ann until Laura confronted him with receipts.) He’s still with Sarah Ann — and he didn’t seem to show much (or any) remorse for how he treated Laura.

Trevor, on the other hand, was well-behaved during filming. When Chelsea Blackwell chose Jimmy Presnell over him in the pods, fans were definitely Team Trevor... until they found out he reportedly had a girlfriend while filming (and telling Chelsea that he wanted to marry her). After his rumored then-girlfriend (now-ex) Natalia Marrero shared screenshots of their texts — seemingly proving that he went into the show with no intention of finding love — things went south.

“When I was in the pods I never questioned who I’d be with even if I got engaged,” Trevor’s reported message to Natalia read. “It was always you and will always be you.”

These were the type of texts Trevor was forced to confront at the reunion — though he didn’t really explain them. At the time, he said, “I did come here for good and bad reasons. I can’t take back that I went on the show. I’m glad I went on the show because it taught me a lot about myself.”