Chelsea and Jimmy were spotted on what looked like a date together after their 'Love Is Blind' break...

Jimmy & Chelsea From Love Is Blind Finally Revealed If They're Dating

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Chelsea and Jimmy’s relationship may have been a hot mess on Love Is Blind Season 6, but were they able to work things out after the show? Surprisingly, the former couple sparked rumors that they may have gotten back together, despite all those massive fights and climactic breakup. Viral videos of the pair seemed to suggest a rekindling, but they avoided that big question at the reunion. However, we now know where they really stand.

A couple days after the Season 6 finale aired, which showed Jimmy dumping Chelsea ahead of their wedding after one last fight, a suspicious video of the two went viral on TikTok. A server at a Florida restaurant caught Chelsea and Jimmy grabbing a bite together on what looked like a date. The reality stars confirmed the meetup themselves when they both posted Instagram stories from the restaurant at the same table.

That clip, along with another TikTok of the two at a concert together, surprised everyone who watched their journey on Love Is Blind. As did their intimate body language during the reunion. However, the pair confirmed to E! that they are not dating, though they remain friends.

“We're in a good spot right now as friends,” Chelsea told the outlet. “We didn't talk for months and months and months, and we ended up rekindling just recently with the show releasing.”

Though they had a strong connection in the pods, things started going south for Jimmy and Chelsea almost immediately once they tried to date in the real world. They fought constantly, spurred on by Chelsea’s insecurity over Jimmy potentially being more interested in his other connection, and Jimmy’s poor communication skills.


Ultimately, they called off their engagement after Jimmy told Chelsea he was hurt that she revealed he had slept with one of his female friends in the past on camera — something he told her he wanted to keep private. Chelsea accused Jimmy of wasting her time, saying that she thinks he knew he was planning to turn her down from the start.

It was an incredibly tumultuous breakup, but one that Chelsea recently revealed she has healed from. She shared that she started going to therapy for the first time after filming the show, and that she’s now in “the best spot I’ve ever been in my entire life.”

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