Jeramey from 'Love Is Blind' responded to comments about his Laura and Sarah Ann controversy.

Jeramey Agrees He Was An “Arrogant A-Hole” On Love Is Blind

Well, at least he’s aware?


Jeramey has caused a lot of chaos on Season 6 of Love Is Blind. But he’s ready to own up to his controversial actions now. As the dating show exposed his questionable relationship with Sarah Ann while he was engaged to Laura, Jeramey has been listening to viewers’ reactions and responding to a lot of the comments on his Instagram, agreeing that he handled things terribly.

The full breadth of Jeramey’s drama extends beyond Love Is Blind. Social media sleuths discovered that he was engaged shortly before he entered the pods, a relationship that was never mentioned in Season 6’s final cut. In response, Jeramey posted a video to Instagram explaining that he had ended things with his ex before he was cast on Love Is Blind, and that his prior engagement was common knowledge among the contestants and a topic he brought up often on his initial dates.

Since that was his last post for the bulk of the series, the comments section continually filled up with viewers criticizing his behavior on the show. They reached a peak after Jeramey and Laura broke up, and Jeramey rode off on jet skis with Sarah Ann. His engagement to Laura never recovered after she learned he had stayed up until the early morning with Sarah Ann, the other woman he had connected with in the pods. Jeramey insisted he didn’t cross a line on that night, but Sarah Ann revealed he had told her he was planning on breaking up with Laura during their late-night conversation.

After the uncomfortable breakup was shown, Jeramey’s comments section was flooded with people calling him “childish and unkind” and an “arrogant a-hole.” To his credit, Jeramey agreed with all these harsh comments.


To other commenters, Jeramey repeated that he now understands that he should have dealt with the issues in his relationship with Laura differently. “I was insensitive and didn’t handle things how I should. That’s on me,” he wrote. “This is a great learning opportunity,” he added in another response.


Looks like Jeramey isn’t shying away from all the criticism coming his way. Now we’ll just have to see how he fares when Nick and Vanessa Lachey question him at the Season 6 reunion.