AD from 'Love Is Blind' reveals what she thinks of Jaremy and Sarah Ann's fling.

AD From Love Is Blind On Why She Needed The Jeramey & Sarah Ann Tea

She's making her opinion very clear.

Spoiler alert: This post discusses details from Episode 11 of Love Is Blind Season 6.

Hot take: The best episode in every season of Love Is Blind is actually before the weddings, when the whole cast reunites to hash out all the drama at a chaotic party. And Season 6 definitely delivered in that regard. With all the sketchy details about Jeramey’s night with Sarah Ann not adding up, AD took on the role of investigator and finally got the facts straight. Now, AD tells Elite Daily exactly what she thinks of this season’s most controversial maybe-couple.

“I just wanted the best for Laura,” AD says of her intentions at that beach party. “I wanted her to know that she had my support and that I just wanted to have her back, really.”

So, in true girl’s girl fashion, AD grilled Sarah Ann for all the information Jeramey had been skirting around. A few days before the event, Laura discovered her fiancé Jeramey had suspiciously stayed out until the early morning with Sarah Ann, another woman he connected with in the pods. Jeramey insisted he didn’t cross any lines, even though his phone’s shared location confirmed he did leave a club and go to Sarah Ann’s house.

Laura ended things then and there, but there were still so many unclarified details. That’s where AD stepped in. She got Sarah Ann to admit Jeramey had left a door open to potentially rekindle their relationship, and she even said Jeramey told her he was about to break up with Laura during their night together.

After all their dirty laundry was aired, it appeared that Jeramey and Sarah Ann were going to start dating. Whether that’s the case or not, AD doesn’t care.

“I don't know what goes on between Sarah Ann and Jeramey and I would like to keep it that way,” AD bluntly says.


AD may not care to know what Jeramey and Sarah Ann’s relationship status is post-show, but viewers are sure to be curious. Everything will be revealed as Season 6 heads towards its ending, with new episodes dropping Wednesdays on Netflix.