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Jason Tartick Clapped Back At The Bach Contestant Who Dissed Him In His Secret Cheat Sheet

What. A. Mess.

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While plenty of Bachelorette contestants have unique methods for standing out and making connections on the show, Season 18 contestant Ryan Fox took things to the next level by creating a folder full of lists and spreadsheets to basically game the system. And among his notes, Fox named Jason Tartick as someone to possibly emulate... but the notes about him weren’t all flattering. Naturally, Jason took to Twitter to respond to Ryan’s Bachelorette cheat sheet jab at him.

The drama started mere minutes into the Season 18 premiere. Hosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe chose to kick things off (or more likely, were told by producers to kick things off) by raiding some of the contestants’ hotel rooms prior to their limo entrances. While unorthodox, the Room Raiders-style mission proved to uncover some very fishy things. Case in point: Ryan Fox’s secret playbook.

Granted, Ryan’s ABC bio states he’s a planner who “loves spreadsheets,” but the reaction to his folder of Bachelorette filming tactics was definitely not what he had planned. When Tayshia and Kaitlyn found the folder full of tips and tricks, viewers couldn’t help but notice just how much of a red hot mess it was.

Not only did fans notice Ryan’s misspelling of the show’s title (and his interesting interpretive drawing of a rose), but when the hosts flipped through the papers, a previous contestant’s name stood out in the notes. Jason Tartick, who was eliminated during Week 9 of Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, was named as someone Ryan should consider emulating. Ryan’s specific notes about Jason, however, weren’t exactly the most flattering.

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On Oct. 19, Jason tweeted a screenshot of Ryan’s notes about him, quoting some of the lines seen in the pic. Jason wrote: “Who to emulate? ‘Not your typical bachelor?’ ‘Wasn’t a standout’... Ryan should I be offended or flattered?”

Considering Jason ended up engaged to The Bachelorette host Kaitlyn, he’s obviously made quite the impression on Bachelor Nation. Still, Ryan’s reasoning for wanting to emulate him didn’t exactly go over well. It went over so badly, in fact, that when Michelle confront Ryan about it, she ultimately ended the convo by sending him packing. Here’s hoping if Ryan eventually heads to Paradise, he leaves his spreadsheets at home... and that Jason doesn’t show up to confront him.

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