Jake Gyllenhaal's 'W Magazine' pics look like they're shading Taylor Swift.

Um, Jake Gyllenhaal's Recent Photo Shoot Looks A Lot Like Taylor Swift's Red Era

All that's missing is a scarf.

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Uh-oh, Swifties, there’s a new development in the drama between exes Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal. Or, at least, it certainly seems like someone’s throwing shade. In a recent photoshoot with W Magazine, Jake Gyllenhaal sported an outfit that was very, very sus. You’ll want to see Jake Gyllenhaal’s W Magazine pics for yourself because that ‘fit is pretty unbelievable.

With everything that’s gone down between Swift and Gyllenhaal, you’d think there was no more room for shade. But it doesn’t look like the Southpaw actor is above not-so-subtly hinting at Swift. In W Magazine’s 2022 Best Performances Portfolio series published on Jan. 12, the mag highlighted Gyllenhaal for his work in the Danish film The Guilty. But the interview isn’t what people are talking about. Instead, it’s that eye-grabbing feature photo of Gyllenhaal, which shows the actor sporting a red button-down shirt and a pair of red heart-shaped sunglasses.

After you’ve said, “He did not,” and gotten it out of your system, you’ll see why it could be a purposeful look inspired by Swift’s Red era. The Red album is primarily thought to be about Swift’s fateful relationship with Gyllenhaal, and the red outfit choice could be a play on the album's name. With just the red shirt, it really wouldn’t be that odd, but considering the sunglasses look just like the ones Swift wore in her music video for “22,” it’s pretty clear there’s something going on there. Of course, fans also know that Swift released her Red (Taylor’s Version) album in November 2021, making some changes to the OG 2012 album, including a 10-minute version of the track “All Too Well,” which people speculate is all about her and Gyllenhaal’s relationship and breakup.


Swift’s 10-minute version of “All Too Well” included lyrics that fans think drew on her breakup with Gyllenhaal, including lines like “You kept me like a secret, but I kept you like an oath,” and “You said if we had been closer in age maybe it would have been fine.”

Gyllenhaal has yet to comment on the outfit choice, but his heart-shaped glasses look just like the ones Swift wore in her “22” video.

As if it isn’t suspicious enough with the sunglasses, per InStyle, the Instagram post from W Magazine reportedly featured a caption that read, “Red (Jake’s Version),” but it has since been deleted. Taking a look at the comments section of the post, some Instagram users appear to have commented about the tongue-in-cheek caption, with statements like “Jakes version! I am dying!” and “red jake’s version how dare [they].”

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Although the actor hasn’t commented on the sus photo, it’s undoubtedly raising eyebrows. It looks like Gyllenhaal knows “all too well” how to throw a bit of shade.