BTS' J-Hope debut solo album, 'Jack In The Box,' shares the same name as a fast food restaurant.

Jack In The Box (The Restaurant) Stans Jack In The Box (The J-Hope Album)

When will they collab?

Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

On July 15, J-Hope broke the internet when he dropped his debut solo album, Jack In The Box. The release was a huge deal considering he became the first BTS member to ever release a full-length album outside of the group. You might be wondering: Jack In The Box? Isn’t that the name of a fast-food restaurant? The answer is, yes. In fact, ARMY at large wondered the same thing.

According to Billboard, after J-Hope announced the title of his album in June, the restaurant Jack in the Box was swarmed with messages from fans asking them to collaborate with the rapper on a special meal. BTS previously partnered with McDonald's last year.

@JackBox will we get a special combo for J-hope’s new album??? Say yes pls,” one fan said on Twitter. “@JackBox make a combo meal with J-Hope for army,” another wrote.

Jack in the Box had the best response to all the recent attention. “I knew J-Hope was my bias for a reason,” they tweeted on June 27. “Can't believe he wrote an album in my honor.”

That wasn’t the last time the restaurant mentioned two icons the K-pop star. That same day, Jack in the Box shared their own version of the Spider-Man pointing meme with “Me” written on one Spider-Man and “J-Hope” written on the other. BTS’ group Twitter account @BTW_twt liked both of Jack in the Box’s posts. No word yet on J-Hope’s possible reaction to receiving Jack in the Box’s support.

Although Jack in the Box hasn’t officially collaborated with the star, on July 1, they also celebrated the release of J-Hope’s single “MORE” by allowing fans to redeem a free Sprite (J-Hope’s favorite drink) with any in-app purchase.

When asked if Jack in the Box would want to sign a sponsorship deal with J-Hope, Morgan Higgins, the restaurant’s senior manager of social media and consumer PR, told Billboard, “We’re always looking for partners. Never say never.”

After weeks of anticipation, J-Hope finally released his debut solo album on July 15. Jack in the Box has yet to celebrate the album drop online, but something tells me it’s only a matter of time until they do so.