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The It Ends With Us Trailer Is Scored By A Dramatic Taylor Swift Song

It’s an emotional rollercoaster.

You’ve read Lily Bloom’s heart-wrenching love story, and now it’s finally time to watch it. The hit 2016 romance novel It Ends with Us is getting a major film adaptation with Blake Lively at the helm. Oh, and it sounds like Lively’s bestie Taylor Swift is also involved in the new movie’s soundtrack.

It Ends with Us quickly became a bestseller and BookTok phenom after it was published in 2016. The complicated romance centers on an abusive relationship between florist Lily Bloom and the charming but temperamental neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid. Author Colleen Hoover has called it “the hardest book I’ve ever written,” as it’s based on the difficult relationship between her parents.

It didn’t take long for the hit novel to attract filmmakers. In 2019, Justin Baldoni snapped up the movie rights for the book, signing on as both the adaptation’s director as well as its star, playing Ryle. Soon enough, the rest of the cast was filled out, and now the movie is about to hit theaters. Here’s everything fans of the book need to know about how It Ends with Us will look on the big screen.

The Cast Is Stellar

Blake Lively and Baldoni will portray the central couple, Lily Bloom and Ryle Kincaid. The third major role in the movie is Lily’s childhood friend Atlas Corrigan, who will be played by Brandon Sklenar. Rounding out the cast is Jenny Slate as Ryle’s sister Allysa and Hasan Minhaj as Allysa’s partner Marshall.

The Trailer Is Scored By Taylor Swift

Sony Pictures

The first look at It Ends with Us finally arrived on May 16 when Sony Pictures released the film’s trailer. Along with bringing the book to life, the music choice in the trailer also caught fans’ attention. It was scored by Taylor Swift’s moody folklore track “My Tears Ricochet.” The selection could be a clue that Swift will be featured on the movie’s soundtrack, especially given Swift’s long friendship with Lively.

There Could Be A Sequel

Although Sony has not announced any follow-up plans for the movie yet, it’s likely It Ends with Us may get a sequel if it is well-received. Hoover published a continuation novel called It Starts with Us in 2022 that picked up about a year after where the first book ended, so the material is there.