Spotify's "Upside Down" playlist will generate the song that will save you from Vecna.

Spotify's Stranger Things Feature Tells You What Song Would Save You From Vecna

We all have a personal Kate Bush.


By now there’s not a single soul on the planet that hasn’t heard Kate Bush’s 1985 hit “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God).” Every hero needs a theme song, and the artsy anthem became Max’s go-to jam throughout Stranger Things 4, even saving her from the demonic clutches of Vecna. If you’re someone with an eclectic music taste who doesn’t know where to start finding your own main character anthem, Spotify has you covered. The “Upside Down” playlist on Spotify is a mix of your favorite tunes and Stranger Things classics, creating a perfectly curated playlist for all of your main character needs. The new playlist was released alongside the Season 4 finale of Stranger Things on July 1, so here’s how to use Spotify’s Stranger Things feature to discover which song would save you from Vecna.

The “Upside Down” playlist features a bunch of familiar music from the Season 4 soundtrack of Stranger Things, like hit songs from the 80’s like “Rock You Like A Hurricane” by Scorpions and “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” by The Clash. The rest of the music on the playlist are songs chosen specifically for you. Spotify will use an algorithm to generate a playlist of music you know and love, even if it’s just a lot of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. The coolest feature is the first song on the playlist: your hero anthem. Yep, this first track is your very own Vecna-slaying bop, guaranteed to keep the Upside Down at bay as you listen to it over and over again.

The beloved misfits of Hawkins, Indiana have been on enough adventures to warrant some badass theme music to accompany their demon slaying. The very first song of your “Upside Down” playlist tells you exactly what music you’ll need to listen to if you want to defeat your Big Evil Bad Guy, even if your adventure is just tackling a hectic Monday morning or completing all of the chores you’ve been avoiding for weeks. Unsurprisingly, my personal playlist kicks off with “Late Night Talking” by Harry Styles, and I feel like I could definitely ward off Vecna by staying in Harry’s House.

The playlist features a few easter eggs for fans of the show, like a special loading screen for Android users that turns the progress bar into a flashlight (this special progress bar can be seen on the desktop version of Spotify, too). For mobile listeners, scroll through the playlist a few times to encounter Vecna in all of his undead horror — good thing you’ve got a hero theme song to defeat him, right?

Season 4 of Stranger Things is currently streaming on Netflix and the soundtrack can be heard on Spotify and Apple Music.