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Here's How Old Each Of Your Outer Banks Faves Are IRL

Well, this makes watching their makeout scenes slightly less creepy.

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From treasure-chasing bad boys to former party girls, Netflix's hit teen drama Outer Banks is full of characters you can't help but crush on. And while there's plenty to love about the show — like the heart-racing plot and amazing soundtrack — fans can't help but notice that some of these high school-age kids look a bit older than your average teen. So, how old is the cast of Outer Banks in real life? If you guessed significantly past their prom-going years, you're absolutely right.

The Pogues — who are made up of John B. (Chase Stokes), JJ (Rudy Pankow), Kiara (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), and Sarah (Madelyn Cline) — are a group of teen treasure hunters on a mission to find some lost gold and have a good time (and not die) while they’re at it. The problem is the Kooks — which includes Sarah’s brother Rafe (Drew Starkey) and ex-boyfriend (Austin North) — who are the wealthy opposites of the Pogues: entitled, spoiled, and pretty much hate the Pogues.

Economics aside, both friend groups clearly act older than their TV ages, which makes more sense when you find out what the cast members' real ages are. Although there is one actual teen in the cast (Julia Antonelli, who plays Sarah's younger sister Wheezie, is 18), the rest of the actors are all quite a bit older than their on-screen counterparts.

Let’s break it down:

John B. (Chase Stokes)

Age: 28

As the ringleader of the Pogues and with a level of hotness high enough to get the former queen of the Kooks to fall for him, it makes sense the actor behind John B. is actually a fully grown man.

JJ (Rudy Pankow)

Age: 22

With a total baby face and blond-without-a-hint-of-gray hair, it checks out that the actor who plays the lovable, rough-around-the-edges Pogue is in his early 20s.

Kiara (Madison Bailey)

Age: 22

While she might not be a teen, Bailey's impressive TikTok game and selfie skills make it seem like she's one of the cool kids in high school.

Pope (Jonathan Daviss)

Age: 22

Pope already seems wiser than his teenage peers, so it makes sense the actor who plays him is older than the Pogues IRL.

Topper (Austin North)

Age: 25

Everyone's favorite ex, Topper, is played by Austin North — who, just like Stokes, is way over his character's age.

Sarah (Madelyn Cline)

Age: 22

While the queen of the Kooks plays a carefree 16-year-old, in reality, she's approaching her mid-twenties. Now, if only the cast's style and glam team could give everyone that youthful, summery glow.

Rafe (Drew Starkey)

Age: 27

Playing the brother from hell, Starkey is actually much older than his OBX character. But don’t let Rafe’s evil ways fool you, Starkey is actually super close with the rest of the cast.

Outer Banks Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix.

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