'Grey's Anatomy' Quotes That Will Heal Your Broken Heart

Our grandparents had "M*A*S*H," our parents had "ER" and we've been blessed with "Grey's Anatomy."

For 13 seasons, Shonda Rhimes has taught her most loyal viewers one thing: Whether it's right or wrong, love hurts.

With getting stuck on the bathroom floor for days, syphilis scares and a house full of candles, the cast of "Grey's Anatomy" has had enough heartbreak for a lifetime.

No matter the stage of your heartbreak — whether it's denial, blinding rage or acceptance — advice from some of Seattle's most seasoned love veterans is bound to make you feel better.

Here are 25 "Grey's Anatomy" quotes that can heal any broken heart:

1. Dr. Wyatt

2. Lexie Grey

3. Cristina Yang

4. Cristina Yang

5. Meredith Grey

6. Meredith Grey

7. Alex Karev

8. Mark Sloan

9. Meredith Grey

10. Meredith Grey

11. Meredith Grey

12. Meredith Grey

13. Cristina Yang

14. Meredith Grey

15. Meredith Grey

16. Meredith Grey

17. Meredith Grey

18. Meredith Grey

19. Meredith Grey

20. Alex Karev

21. Meredith Grey

22. Meredith Grey

23. Meredith Grey

24. Meredith Grey

25. Meredith Grey

Acceptance: The one word that has so much bearing on our hearts.

But, it's up to you to decide. Do you give up, or do pick up your feet and walk toward the unknown?

After all, the unexpected is what changes our lives.