Rory and Ler

'Gilmore Girls' Eyeshadow Makes You Feel Like A Gilmore



You HAD me at "Gilmore Girls" revival on Netflix.

I will be THERE for four 90-minute-long episodes depicting all the seasons 10 years after the show ended, and hopefully we'll finally learn who Rory ends up with.

I was SOBBING during the trailer. I WILL be there for the marathon.

But now you're telling me there's "Gilmore Girls"-inspired makeup?

That's RIGHT. I need sustenance if I'm going to get any more excited about the Gilmore Girls coming back on my television.

I feel lightheaded as it is. Oh God, is she going to pick Dean? Jess? Ugh, what if it's Logan...

Honestly, just slap the good ole "GG" on a product, and I'm going to scoop that ish up.

Brija Cosmetics have officially released a 17-piece eyeshadow collection.

I don't know why, because I only have two eyelids, but I will figure it out.

Rock some light pink with the Rory-inspired "Hit By A Deer."

Try a beautiful shade of "Am I Crying Or Am I Laughing?"

Or how about "It All Comes Out In Moron?"

Brija Cosmetics

Or as Lorelai Gilmore would beautifully put it,

So, I know I haven't exactly been a great person this year, but if you're looking to spoil me this holiday season, all you have to do is drop a measly amount of money on me.

The entire collection costs $98.50.

No?! I thought... I thought you loved me. I thought we were the very closest of friends, internet.

I suppose we shall always remain the very best of acquaintances.

Individual shades in jars run for $5.50, and there is a small sample bag for $1.45.

HURRY UP THOUGH. The smallest sizes are sold out already.

The collection is vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free, so that's a lot of great excuses to drop a little dough on some makeup inspired by your favorite show.

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