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Gigi Hadid Just Posted A Bunch Of Tweets That Might Be About Zayn Malik

Recently, Gigi Hadid has been making headlines for an assortment of reasons.

First, Hadid and Joe Jonas split earlier this month. Then, there were reports Hadid's iCloud photos might have been leaked by hackers. And now, the 20-year-old model is dating former 1D member Zayn Malik.

Hadid is also a Victoria's Secret Angel. So that's good, right?

Regardless, a lot of sh*t has been going down.

It looks like Gigi isn't too happy with some people, though, according to her Twitter rant on Monday afternoon.

She began the rant by addressing what happiness means to her and how she's been living through a microscopic lens.

Her second tweet shared her wish to tell her side of things. But, she doesn't think there's a way for her to do that.

The third tweet implied she's been feeling judged for something, although it is still unclear what she is referencing.

She concluded her rant with this final tweet. She since deleted all of the tweets except this last one.

We're not quite sure what Hadid's rant is about, but we have guesses it may have to do with her Joe Jonas-Zayn Malik triangle of love.

Hopefully, things get sorted out for you, Gigi. Just shake off the haters and live your life, girl. You got this.