Gigi Hadid And Joe Jonas Reportedly Broke Up, And Love Is Now Dead


What is happening to the world?! DOES LOVE EVEN EXIST ANYMORE?  It seems like every day another perfect couple breaks up and breaks our goddamn hearts, too.

It has sadly been reported Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas broke up. The musician and supermodel began dating about five months ago and were absolutely adorable together. Seriously, they took relationship goals to the next level.

Unfortunately, Joe and Gigi's relationship apparently ended. The source says it wasn't a serious breakup; it was just difficult for them to make things work.

OK, BUT WHAT ABOUT LOVE, YOU GUYS? If Joe and Gigi can't make it work, how are any of us supposed to find our soulmates?

Well, FML. I'm gonna go bawl my eyes out in the bathroom and Google pics of Joe and Gigi together to relive the good times. Bye.

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