Gigi Hadid Posted A Really Cryptic Snapchat After Her Breakup With Zayn Malik


Breakups are complicated, and love burns on even after the lovers in question have called it quits.

This week, a hurricane of broken promises ravaged the music world as beloved couples like Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris AND Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid ended their romances.

Following the announcement of her split from the former One Direction boy bander, Hadid shared a cryptic photo on Snapchat that could possibly reference her recent ex.

Gigi simply captioned the snap — a drawing of a t-shirt with a red heart on its sleeve and the words “I know it's obvious, but I love you” — with a smiley emoticon.

What is wrong with Zayn? First Perrie now Gigi. Explains why Gigi had this on her snapchat pic.twitter.com/XUmZ8kjZgo — niazkilam (@sakeenall) June 3, 2016

Uh… Gigi, mama, we need more info. Is this for Zayn? Do you miss him? Is there any chance you'll get back together?

Despite the alleged “rough patches” that split the pair, there were so many good times. Geeg, remember the good times?

Remember the sexy “PILLOWTALK” music video? That was fun, right? Or your birthday trip to Malibu with Zayn's whole family? SO much fun!

If there's any chance this tiny tee is a sign love is not dead, let these two beautiful, rich, young people see it clearly and embrace its message.

Sweet baby Jesus, I need a hobby.