This Is How You Get Kim Kardashian To Send You Flowers

Getty Images

If you were on #TeamKim after the superstar's nude selfie “kontroversy,” you're in luck: A bouquet of flowers from Kimmy K. may be coming your way.

Well, OK, probably not. But Kardashian-West did send giant bouquets of white roses to fellow celebrities who spoke out in defense of her now-(in)famous naked pic.

On Thursday, “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter posted a photo to Instagram, showing a gorgeous vase full of flowers along with a handwritten note from Kim Kardashian-West (on monogrammed stationary, of course).

The card reads,

Hey, I wanted you to know I saw your tweets last week and I really appreciate your support. Women supporting other women is so powerful! xoxo

After Twitter erupted in sexist backlash against Kim's naked “nothing to wear” pic, Winter challenged Kardashian's critics, questioning why nobody body-shamed Justin Bieber after his nude selfie.

It's nice to see Kim showing real gratitude for the ladies who stuck up for her (even if she did a pretty solid job of sticking up for herself). Women supporting other women is, indeed, pretty damn powerful.

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