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Chloë Grace Moretz Stands Behind Her Comments On Kim K's Nude Selfie


Last week, a lot of Twitter beef went down when Kim Kardashian West uploaded a naked selfie of herself to the media platform because she had "nothing to wear."

Chloë Grace Moretz was quick to respond to the photo with a series of tweets suggesting Kim is not a suitable role model for young women.

Kim fired back and called out Moretz on Twitter, which definitely escalated the tension. But now, Chloë is speaking out about her comments.

The actress sat down with ELLE to discuss sexuality, feminism and speaking up about the issues that matter to her.

When specifically asked what led her to respond to Kim's nude photo, Chloë responded,

It seems like Chloë defended her comments because she believes she was speaking out about the larger issue at hand.

Regardless, I'm still left with one burning question: Did Kim ever find something to wear?

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