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Gabby Windey from Season 19 of 'The Bachelorette'
A Look Back On Gabby's Best Bachelorette Quotes

She's an icon.

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Even back when Gabby Windey was a contestant on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, Bachelor Nation knew she was a star. She’s a lovable “dingbat,” as her Grandpa John called her, and her personality shines through every time she appears onscreen. So it’s no wonder that, as one of the Season 19 Bachelorettes, nearly every word she said on the show was instantly quotable, and that The Bachelorette Season 19 was full of fabulous Gabby Windey quotes.

Gabby is known in Bachelor Nation for not holding back. She has basically no poker face, and so many of her reactions on the show became the subject of countless memes. Some people might think that makes her a little “rough around the edges,” (ahem, I’m looking at you, Hayden Markowitz), but most fans just love her even more because of it.

As expressive as Gabby’s face can be, her words are even more so. On the show, Gabby told it like it is, whether she was talking to her fellow Bachelorette Rachel Recchia or speaking directly to her potential suitors. Sure, she can be a little harsh when she’s so direct, but she’s *always* hilarious. Read on for a list of all the best quotes from Gabby in Season 19 of The Bachelorette.

“I don’t trust men … Men have rightfully earned not being trusted.” - Episode 1

Gabby started the season off strong by right away expressing her distrust of men. And although she ended up getting engaged to a (gasp) man in the end, I have a feeling she still feels similarly in regard to this quote.

“I have fake hair, a fake tan … but you can’t tell because boys are dumb.” - Episode 1

Most Bachelorettes don’t admit to all the work that goes into keeping up their appearance, but Gabby isn’t like most Bacheloretteas.

“I’m quickly thinking of ways to insult you.” - Episode 1
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Gabby’s method of flirting on Night 1 was definitely unconventional, but it worked for her.

“Yeah, it’s just like… I don’t know. It ain’t doing it for me.” - Episode 1

Gabby made it very clear that she was not enjoying her conversation with the twins, Joey and Justin Young, on Night 1. If only we could all be so direct.

“Ewwww-uh!” - Episode 2

When Rachel told Gabby that Chris Austin was already talking about Fantasy Suites, Gabby very succinctly summed up her feelings about it.

“I’m here to find a lifelong partner. I’m not here to teach dudes how to act.” - Episode 3

By Week 3, Gabby was feeling frustrated by the lack of attention from the guys, but she made it clear she was not going to waste her time telling them how to behave.

“I look like maybe a bald baby, that queen from Snow White, a chef...” - Episode 4

When Gabby went on a shopping date with Jason Alabaster in Paris, she was less than pleased with the way she looked in a beret.

“Sorry I don’t want to get up.” - Episode 6

Only Gabby would be so blunt with host Jesse Palmer and simply let him know that she did not feel like moving.

“Today we are going to talk about *******.” - Episode 6

Gabby had a pretty risqué group date about “hanky panky,” as she called it at one point. But she opened the date with an intro so raunchy, it needed to get fully bleeped out. A queen.

“I wanna get an old man to show me his ****.” - Episode 7

Gabby went on a hometown date with Jason in New Orleans, and she was eager to get something in exchange for her Mardi Gras beads.

“I mean, you were kind of an *sshole to her” - “After The Final Rose” finale
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Of course, the queen had to go out with a bang. This gem was uttered during the season finale, when Gabby and her now-fiancé, Erich Schwer, had to address some questionable texts Erich sent to an ex before going on the show. While Gabby stood by her man, she did publicly call him out for his bad behavior. As she should.

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