Does The ‘Dirty Dancing’ Cast Really Sing In The New Movie?


ABC's new Dirty Dancing remake changes a lot of things from the 1987 original: There are time jumps, new characters, and a bunch of new storylines we didn't see in the first movie.

However, the biggest change in the remake is probably all the added songs and performances.

Unlike the original movie, the cast of the new Dirty Dancing appears to actually sing the film's iconic songs while they dance. The new Johnny Castle (Colt Prattes) belts out "Do You Love Me" while grinding his hips when he first meets Baby, and then Baby and Penny (Abigail Breslin and Nicole Scherzinger) croon "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" as they practice their mambo moves.


Sooo... is the cast actually singing these songs, or is it someone else providing the voice?

Well, it's clear all of the actors are indeed lip-syncing their songs, which makes sense since this is a pre-taped movie and not a live performance like the other network musicals have been up to this point, but the soundtrack reveals they actually did record the songs themselves!

The track list for the new television soundtrack of Dirty Dancing, which is now available on iTunes, lists all the actors as the performers of their own songs from the show, alongside some popular bands like Lady Antebellum and Karmin covering background music from the original movie.


This shouldn't be too surprising for a bulk of the cast, much of whom have a background in singing.

Nicole Scherzinger is most famous for her singing career as the leader of the Pussycat Dolls; Debra Messing showed off her pipes on Smash; Katey Sagal has had a singing career since the '70s; J. Quinton Johnson was just cast in "Hamilton" on Broadway; and Sarah Hyland impressed millions with her cover of "Closer" last year.

But what may surprise viewers most is the new movie's stars, Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes, are able to carry a tune. Though best known as an actress, Breslin did dabble in music back in 2014 when she released her ex diss track "You Suck."


And Colt is best known as a dancer and fitness model, but he too proved he can belt as a cast member of the Las Vegas production of "Rock of Ages" a few years back. Clearly, he was already super prepared for some '80s rock!