Evan Peters Finally Joined 'AHS' And Confirmed His Connection To 'Freak Show'


Warning: This post contains spoilers for season six of "American Horror Story." Hopefully you already knew that. You did read the title of the article, right?

Good news, "American Horror Story" fans: We FINALLY got Evan Peters back, after four episodes without him in "Roanoke."

He's playing Edward Philippe Mott, you know, that guy who built that crazy ass house Shelby and Matt are so determined to live in for some reason.

Edward Mott also happens to be a direct descendant of Dandy Mott — remember him? You know, that extra freaky guy from "American Horror Story: Freak Show."

We learn Dandy Mott died in Florida in 1952.

Meanwhile, in a flashback to the 18th century, Edward Mott, art collector and family abandoner, is alive and well.

Note: The best part of all of this is definitely Evan Peters in an 18th century wig and costume.


So this 18th century Mott buys a plot of land in North Carolina because he needs somewhere to both store his art and have sex with his servant.

(His servant, by the way, is a guy. Evan Peters is a gay ghost, and everything is beautiful. But I'm getting ahead of myself.)


Unfortunately, like Matt and Shelby, he discovers weird shit like pig men, ghosts and angry mobs waiting for him.

Unlike Matt and Shelby, Mott doesn't survive.

The Butcher kabobs him with a big stick and literally roasts his ass. Buh-bye!

But wait, what?

So Evan Peters is barely in this season, then?

Nope, never fear, he's a silly looking ghost now. Phew.


OK, so it's not Evan's sexiest "AHS" costume to date.

But most fans couldn't care less — they're just happy to finally get the Evan Peters they were promised by Ryan Murphy.

And everyone is VERY happy to have a queer Evan Peters, at that.


Hooray for gay ghosts!

As for next week's episode, this is supposed to be the episode with the big twist where everything is finally revealed.

Personally, I can't wait for this season to start making sense.

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