The New Episode Of 'AHS' Has Major Connections To 'Freak Show'


Warning: This post contains hella spoilers for "American Horror Story" Season 6 Episode 4.

All right, we are now four episodes into "American Horror Story: Roanoke," and Shelby and Matt still won't leave their murder den.

Like, seriously, what is wrong with these people? I don't care how much money you might lose on real estate, once the murder ghosts show up, you get the fuck out.

Still, despite being inexplicably dumb about that, Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. have lived to see another episode of season six.

A lot went down this week, as always.

We got to see what really happened in the Lost Colony of Roanoke — turns out they were doing really well, actually! Except for this whole human sacrifice thing.

When Wes Bentley tries to rebel against this system, The Butcher (Kathy Bates) just murders everyone with poisoned fruit.


Present-day Cricket learns all this backstory from forest-witch Lady Gaga, who agrees to tell him everything as long as she can have Matt.

And so, Cuba Gooding Jr. has sex with Lady Gaga again. To be fair, though, she is a crazy tree witch lady so it's probably not his fault.


At the very end of the episode, Flora finally gets back her family and The Butcher kills Cricket and promises to come for Matt and Shelby next. (Seriously you guys, just freakin' move somewhere else!)

So how does all this new info fit into the larger story?

Well, the internet is still going strong with the theory the first five episodes of season six correspond to the previous seasons' themes.

Since this is the fourth episode, that means if the theory is correct, it should be connected to "Freak Show."

There are two main things that support this, as several Redditors pointed out.

1. The Butcher's speech to the colonists about "inheriting the land."


"Freaks shall inherit the earth," anyone? This totally mirrors Elsa and the freaks.

2. The first owner of Matt and Shelby's house: Phillip Mott.


Remember Dandy Mott, freak among freaks? Yeah, the original owner of Shelby and Matt's is Phillip Mott, and he has been confirmed by Ryan Murphy as Dandy's ancestor.


So be on the lookout for those "Hotel" vibes next week!