The 'Emily in Paris' Season 1 through 3 timeline is a wild ride.

Wait, How Long Has Emily Been In Paris?

Not much about this show makes sense, but the timeline actually kind of checks out.


Keeping up with Emily Cooper’s romantic exploits isn’t easy. The Paris-dwelling marketing exec’s days are packed with more work events, quick getaways, and unexpected date nights than seems humanly possible, and honestly, when you zoom out and look at the Emily in Paris timeline from Season 1 through Season 3, it really does feel absurd just how quickly she’s moved after arriving in Paris. If you’ve found yourself wondering just how long Emily has been in Paris up until now, this handy timeline may surprise you.

A lot can happen in just the span of a few days for Emily. Each new season of Emily in Paris picks up only moments after the events of the previous season’s finale, which may have fans wondering whether all of this drama has really been happening in only a few weeks. Of course, viewers have been following her story for years now, but Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of Emily in Paris actually take place in just a little over six months. Honestly, it’s pretty surprising to realize that all of the summery looks Emily rocked and the beachy locations she visited in Seasons 1 and 2 were actually in the middle of winter, so let’s break down exactly when all of Emily’s big moments really took place.

September or October: Emily Gets The Job

Emily in Paris began in the fall, when Emily’s boss Madeline first learned she’s pregnant and gave Emily her position in Savoir’s Paris office. It must have been either late September or early October, because after Emily found out about the job, she watched a Chicago Cubs game with her boyfriend, Doug, who explained that they were going to the playoffs after the win.


Early October: Emily Arrives In Paris

It’s not immediately clear how much time Emily spent in Chicago before jetting off to Paris. At first, it looked like she might’ve arrived in spring or even summer, given the bright, sunny atmosphere and all the sundresses and tank tops she wore, but a conversation with Doug revealed the truth. While trying to convince her BF to visit her, Emily remarked, “We can watch the playoffs on the Slingbox, you won’t have to miss a game.”


The comment confirmed it was still playoff season when Emily got to Paris, meaning she touched down in October. This was further confirmed when Emily FaceTimed Madeline and she was still very early in her pregnancy.


Mid-October: End Of Season 1

The first season ended in the middle of October. Emily pitched her Champére campaign by using footage of Cubs fans celebrating a playoff win.


And the show finally gave viewers the first actual hard proof of a date at the end of the season. The newspaper that covered Emily’s dress paint incident was dated Oct. 18. This would also be around the time of Paris Fashion Week.


Late October: Emily’s 29th Birthday

The second season picked up immediately after the Season 1 finale, with Emily still reeling from her hookup with Gabriel. However, some time did pass when Emily, Camille, and Mindy took a weekend trip to Saint-Tropez. Shortly after the group returned, they celebrated Emily’s 29th birthday, meaning her birthday must fall sometime in late October.

Around March: Emily Starts Dating Alfie

Although there was no timecard indicating a time jump, the show made a big leap forward in the middle of Season 2. Episode 7 began with Emily and Mindy complaining about the intense heat, with the temperature at a sweltering 95 degrees Fahrenheit.


But it wasn’t summer just yet. Later in the episode, Madeline Zoomed into Savoir and revealed she was 6 months pregnant. Since she revealed she will give birth in June, that would place this video chat sometime in March.


Notably, this was also the episode when Emily started dating Alfie after having gotten to know him over the last few months in their language class together.

June: All Of Season 3

There were no major time jumps in Season 3, except for a two-week skip between Alfie leaving for London and then Emily finding out he actually came back to Paris. But it was confirmed that this all took place in June thanks to the season’s heavy focus on Fête de la Musique, the French day of music that always takes place on June 21.

All three season of Emily in Paris are now streaming on Netflix.