'Emily in Paris' Season 2 revealed Emily's age, and it's older than Lily Collins thought.

Emily In Paris Finally Revealed Emily's Age And She's Older Than Anyone Thought

Lily Collins' guess was way off.


For someone who basically lives her life on social media, Emily Cooper is a woman of mystery. What was her childhood like? How does she afford all her designer clothes? Why do her basic IG captions constantly rack up thousands of likes? These are all questions Emily in Paris has yet to answer, but the vibrant Netflix series *did* address one of its biggest enigmas in a very subtle way: Season 2 of Emily in Paris finally revealed Emily’s age, which is something fans have been curious about ever since the show premiered.

Emily’s age became a topic of discussion online after the series debuted at the end of 2020. The first season never mentioned how old the marketing exec was, leaving viewers to contend with her puzzling combination of youthful naiveté and years of career credentials. When Lily Collins told British Vogue she imagined Emily was around 22, fans weren’t buying it, pointing out that the series established the character has a master’s degree and enough career experience to helm an established marketing firm’s entire social media strategy. Collins later agreed Emily couldn’t be 22, but didn’t venture another guess at her age. Her costar, Lucas Bravo, estimated Emily was probably 24, noting her personality didn’t quite seem mature enough for her to be in her late 20s.

But Bravo also got it wrong. A very brief shot in Season 2 revealed Emily is actually 29 years old. Episode 3 centered entirely on Emily’s birthday, and although her age was strangely never mentioned out loud, it appeared in a social media post among all the birthday wishes Emily received, with a comment that read: “29 years Jeune [young]!”


Emily being 29 makes much more sense in regard to her master’s degree and marketing experience, although it’s definitely several years older than Collins, Bravo, and likely the rest of the show’s cast viewed her to be. It also makes her much closer to Collins’ actual age of 32.

Although Emily definitely comes off as childish pretty often, a lot of her trusting innocence can probably be chalked up to being in a totally new environment she doesn’t understand. At least fans can finally put an age to the character once and for all, even if it isn’t exactly the number everyone was expecting.