Elys Hutchinson confirmed she's dating Holly Scarfone's ex Nathan after 'Perfect Match.'

Elys Confirms She's Dating A Perfect Match Co-Star's Ex & There's Drama

"You need to keep my boyfriend's name out your mouth."


Turns out, there was even more drama among the Perfect Match Season 2 cast than was shown, and now it’s finally coming out. A few days after the finale aired, Elys Hutchinson excitedly shared her current relationship status on TikTok, writing that she and fellow Too Hot To Handle star Nathan Soan Mngomezulu had been “patiently waiting” for the show to end so they could share their loved-up pics and videos. But in an awkward turn of events, Nathan’s ex-girlfriend was also on this season of Perfect Match, which has led to some online drama.

Nathan dated Holly Scarfone on Season 3 of Too Hot To Handle, ending the season by agreeing they were both open to potentially getting back together in the future. Well, that doesn’t seem too likely anymore. Elys and Nathan had actually been posting couple-y TikToks for several months before Perfect Match aired, but they slowed their roll while Elys’ on-screen love story was streaming. But they were quick to pick up right where they left off once the show ended: “POV: You can finally post each other,” Nathan captioned a TikTok of the two of them in bed together.

Elys and Holly weren’t shown interacting too much on Perfect Match, but apparently they did butt heads. Holly commented on a post that she “dragged [Elys] in the finale,” but that didn’t make the final cut. The back-and-forth led to Holly criticizing Elys and Nathan’s relationship, with Elys responding, “Keep my boyfriend’s name out your mouth.”


It’s not totally clear how long this drama has been going on, but it does call into question if Elys had possibly already started seeing Nathan before she filmed Perfect Match. Other cast members have already claimed one female cast member had a boyfriend at home during the show, which adds some fuel to this suspicion. Could that be why Holly “dragged” her in the show’s finale?

Elys and Nathan hard-launched their relationship in October 2023, which was several months after Perfect Match filmed over the summer. But they haven’t shared how long they were together before they started posting as a couple. Fans will just have stay on the lookout as more drama unfolds to see if more tea is spilled.