Dua Lipa's latest album, 'Radical Optimism,' is filled with layered lyrics about romance that's idea...

Dua Lipa’s Radical Optimism Lyrics Are Made For Lovelorn IG Captions

There’s bliss in being a hopeless romantic.

Dua Lipa has retired her nu-disco nights at Club Future Nostalgia. She revived the dance floor during a time when the world was in isolation, creating an era that, only four years old now, is already considered a timeless classic. Now, Lipa’s moved on to a new nightclub: the oceanic blues of her latest album, Radical Optimism.

On Radical Optimism, Lipa surfs the complicated waves of love. She begins as a doe-eyed hopeless romantic on “End Of An Era,” its layered synths lifting her eagerness to trust her partner with ease. That honeymoon bliss doesn’t last long, however. Halfway through the album, cracks start to form in her relationship’s once sturdy foundation. Those fractures are too hard to ignore, and Lipa sweetly bids her partner farewell on the final track.

At some points, Lipa’s heartfelt lyrics could double as Instagram captions. Whether you’re soft launching a new relationship or deep in self-love, there’s enough material on Radical Optimism to suit your needs.

John Shearer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
  1. “This could be the end of an era.” — “End Of An Era”
  2. “I’m not here for long, catch me or I go Houdini.” — “Houdini”
  3. “Are you someone that I can give my heart to?” — “Training Season”
  4. “When the night ends up in tears, wake up and we blame it all on being wasted.” — “These Walls”
  5. “Now I’m grown, I know what I deserve.” — “Illusion”
  6. “Remember when we used to do anything for love?” — “Anything For Love”
  7. “Who knows, baby? This could be forever.” — “End Of An Era”
  8. “It’s your moment, baby, don't let it slip.” — “Houdini”
  9. “Convеrsation overload, got me feeling vertigo.” — “Training Season”
  10. “If these walls could talk, they’d tell us to break up.” — “These Walls”
  11. “I hope the feelings that you give me carry over till tomorrow and beyond.” — “Falling Forever”
  12. “I’m not interested in a heart that doesn’t beat for me.” “Anything For Love”
  13. “One chapter might be done, God knows I had some fun.” — “End Of An Era”
  14. “There’s a part of me that wants to steal your heart.” — “Whatcha Doing”
  15. “We call it love, but hate it here.” — “These Walls”
  16. “It’s time I take my rose-colored glasses off.” — “Illusion”
  17. “So tonight, I’ll give you something to remember.” — “Falling Forever”
  18. “Send a big kiss goodbye to all of the pretty eyes.” — “End Of An Era”
  19. “It’s not a broken heart if I don’t break it.” — “French Exit”
  20. “I’m scared to death that you might be the one to change me.” — “Whatcha Doing”
  21. “It’s amusin’, you think I’m gonna fall for an illusion.” — “Illusion”
  22. “In the clouds, there she goes. Butterflies, let them flow.” — “End Of An Era”
  23. “In the future, I see you next to me.” — “Whatcha Doing”
  24. “Eternity’s impossible to measure, but it feels right where we are.” — “Falling Forever”
  25. “Here’s to the lovers that make you change.” — “Maria”
  26. “‘Cause for now, you’re all I want.” — “Falling Forever”
  27. “I want a love that's set on keeping me.” — “Anything For Love”

Lipa’s Radical Optimism is available to stream now.