11 Times Drake Made It Painfully Obvious He's In Love With Rihanna

by Anna Menta
REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Drake and Rihanna are the Ross and Rachel of the music industry.

They're always on again, off again, with lots of grinding in the club in between (admittedly, I'm very thankful the creators of "Friends" never went that route).

For those who aren't familiar with their relationship history, Drake and Rih kinda, sorta, probably dated back in 2010. Then around 2013, they didn't seem to be on the best of terms anymore.

The ex-couple seems to tentatively be in an on-again phase since they released a sexy AF music video together for Rihanna's "Work" and are now low-key going on Rihanna's ANTI world tour together.

Here's one thing I think we all know, though: Drake is hardcore in love with Rihanna. Drake would marry Rihanna if she'd let him. Drake worships the ground Rihanna walks on, and meanwhile, Rihanna is like, "Eh, maybe?"

Yeah, that dude's got it real bad. Here is proof.

1. That time Rihanna featured Drake on her song "What's My Name?" and he spent the whole video gazing at Rih like she was the coolest person he ever met.


2. When Drake literally told Rolling Stone dating Rihanna would be the "ultimate fantasy."

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

3. Every time Rih graciously allowed Drake to touch her and he took full advantage.

Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

4. When Rihanna rested her arm on Drake's shoulder and he looked like it was the best thing to ever happen to him.

5. When he definitely forgot there were cameras around while he filmed the music video for "Work."

6. And when he looked super stressed out about Rih's general flawlessness the whole time.

Waiting for you to look at me like drake looks at rihanna pic.twitter.com/VKoRshssch — Lacy Laplante ✨ (@robinsparkles_) March 22, 2016

7. Every time Drake did that thing where he puts his nose in the crook of Rih's neck.

8. When he fully recognized Rih was his queen and bowed down to her.

Drake joined Rihanna onstage again and paid her one hell of a compliment: https://t.co/tuwvVhW7rT pic.twitter.com/TX2j1GMKkp — MTV (@MTV) April 16, 2016

9. When he called Rihanna "the greatest woman he's ever known" in front of thousands of people.

Ahhh ONE more cause HOW ARE WE LIVING THROUGH THIS WE #CANTEVEN RIGHT NOW #Drake #Rihanna #ANTIWorldTour pic.twitter.com/S3nkd33Hk1 — UniversalMusicCanada (@universalmusicC) April 15, 2016

10. Anytime he looked at Rihanna like she was an angel sent by God.

Drake and Rihanna pic.twitter.com/ypWZeNUyNs — BrAnDoN WiLsOn (-: (@Brandonspartans) April 7, 2016

11. And the one time Rihanna looked back at him like that, too.

Basically, Drake would obviously do anything for Rihanna. Now, will Rih use her superpowers for good or for evil?