The 'Cruel Summer' Season 2 finale presents a plot hole involving Ned's cameras.

The Ending Of Cruel Summer Season 2 Has A Pretty Huge Plot Hole

It's not adding up.


Spoiler alert: This post discusses details in the Cruel Summer Season 2 finale.

The second season of Cruel Summer had fans theorizing all summer long, but in the end, so many of the details everyone though would end up being super important were just meaningless red herrings. Remember Megan’s pregnancy? Yeah, it didn’t really matter. Jeff’s whole library of videos chronicling the entire summer? Nobody even watched them. Ned’s safe room that everyone thought would be pivotal? Nope, never even mentioned in the finale. In fact, Ned himself turned out to be the biggest fake-out of all. And his absence in the final episode actually created a pretty glaring plot hole.

In the very last scene of the season, Megan noticed a surveillance camera facing the dock where Luke was murdered. Lo and behold, this tape was holding the answer to the murder mystery this entire time. It revealed that Isabella returned to the lake after Brent nearly killed his brother and finished the job by drowning Luke herself.

While the video answered one big question, it presented another one — wouldn’t that mean Ned knew Isabella murdered Luke all this time? Although it isn’t officially confirmed, the camera almost definitely belongs to Ned, who has set up surveillance cameras all over the woods. So, he had this footage for nearly a whole year and never said anything, even to Megan when she needed her name cleared?


The plot hole has already become a talking point among Cruel Summer fans. Some argue that Ned probably has so many cameras that he just doesn’t watch them all, also pointing out that he paranoia around Y2K might have had him too distracted to be watching any footage on the night of Luke’s murder.

But even those excuses don’t fully add up — once Ned learned Luke drowned the morning of Jan. 1 in that specific lake, wouldn’t the first thing he do be to pull up the footage on his camera facing that exact spot at that exact time?

It seems hard to imagine Ned wouldn’t have seen that video, so maybe he did know about Isabella’s indiscretion and just decided not to say anything. TBH, it doesn’t really seem like he would keep such an important secret from Megan, who’s the only person he actually cares about, but hey, it is possible, I guess. Or, the writers just didn’t really think about Ned all that much during the finale. Either way, it’s a confusing plot hole for Cruel Summer Season 2 to end with.