Courteney Cox and Ed Sheeran recreated a scene from Friends

Courteney Cox Perfectly Recreated "The Routine" With Ed Sheeran As Ross

BRB, watching this on repeat.

Todd Williamson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

HBO Max’s Friends: The Reunion is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Ever since the reunion special aired on May 27, it’s inspired a wave of nostalgia for the cast and fans alike, and if you thought Lisa Kudrow and Lady Gaga’s “Smelly Cat” duet was iconic, then just wait until you see Courteney Cox and Ed Sheeran’s Friends “Routine” dance. On May 30, Sheeran shared a video on Instagram, which showed himself and the Friends star recreating the famous scene from the Season 6 episode “The One With the Routine.” Sheeran’s caption: “Had a reunion of our own this weekend.”

In case you somehow aren’t familiar with the iconic episode, Cox’s character, Monica Geller, performs a dance routine with her brother, Ross (played by David Schwimmer), which they made up in high school, in hopes of being featured on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve. And though Sheeran was only eight years old when the episode originally aired back in 1999, he totally nails “The Routine” in the video... except for the ending, when he fails to catch Cox for the final pose. I still give it a 10/10.

Cox and Sheeran may seem like an unlikely duo, but the actor and the singer have actually been pals for years. Cox even let Sheeran live rent-free in her Malibu home for several months while he recorded his second album.

According to Sheeran, he first met Cox when he was invited to a party at her house by TV producer Bill Lawrence and his wife, actor Christa Miller, whom Cox worked with on Cougar Town. “I did a gig in L.A. and Bill Lawrence and Christa Miller brought their daughter to meet me,” Sheeran explained during an October 2014 interview with the Daily Mail. “Next day, I happened to be having lunch in the same restaurant and they said would I like to come to a party that night? It was at Courteney’s house.”

The two instantly hit it off, and they became even closer after Sheeran introduced Cox to her now-fiancé, Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid. “It’s great to see people you love in love,” he said of their relationship while chatting with The Sun in March 2014. Cute!

Schwimmer has yet to react to Cox and Sheeran’s epic dance number, but I have a feeling he’ll approve.