Bachelor Nation
You need to see these clips from Clayton Echard's Season 26 'Bachelor' limo entrances.

These Limo Entrance Teasers From Clayton's Bachelor Season Are Wild

Someone rolled up with a snake, you guys.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bachelor Nation is about to get a major shakeup thanks to a mini SUV, an older woman, and a snake. Yep, there’s a lot to unpack thanks to new clips from Clayton Echard’s Season 26 Bachelor limo entrances. As you’re waiting for the official Jan. 3 premiere, you won’t want to miss the latest promos because it seems like viewers will be in for a wild ride.

The official Bachelor Twitter account began sharing promotional clips of the infamous limo entrances on Dec. 29, and there are three that might have you scratching your head. The first shows one of the contestants getting out of the limo with an albino Burmese python draped around her shoulders (what?).

Captioned with three snake emojis and a voiceover that says, “We’ve seen some real villains before, but this season has a real snake,” you have to guess the clip is about to get odd. And it does because it features the woman wearing the snake like that infamous Britney Spears performance. As if it were totally casual, she then asks Echard if he “likes snakes,” to which he nervously replies, “OK, upon seeing it because who wouldn’t.” Then, one of the other contestants chimes in with the clever quip, “Hopefully, that’s the only snake in the house.” Yikes.

If that wasn’t enough, the next limo entrance from Dec. 30 begins with the teaser, “The new Bachelor is about to start the ride of his life.” From there, you see Echard smiling as the limo pulls up with one contestant after another until a woman literally rides up the driveway in a mini SUV, waving happily.

Another promo clip below showcases more out-of-the-box entrances that left a lot of unanswered questions. “The new season of The Bachelor is good clean fun,” the announcer begins, showing a woman being pushed in a golden bathtub full of bubbles by two men, holding a glass of champagne and wearing a black bikini.

The next cut shows a contestant with some “bounce in her step,” literally skipping to meet Echard as they’re both wearing a pair of bounce shoes. Finally, the clip transitions to call the season “an absolute classic” before you see an older woman meeting Echard. “I’m so excited to be here,” she says, wearing an evening gown and sporting a chopped gray bob. Echard’s response is polite, yet a little startled.

For a quick refresher on Season 26’s Bachelor, Echard is a medical sales representative at Stryker in Columbia, Missouri. He almost played football for the Seattle Seahawks, and you might recognize him from Season 18 of The Bachelorette with Michelle Young (he was eliminated in Week 6 of the show.) To see which of these kooky singles he ends up with, you’ll have to tune in.

Season 26 of The Bachelor premieres on Monday, Jan. 3 at 8 p.m. ET, on ABC.