Charli D'Amelio has had major issues finding a therapist that understands her due to her fame.

Charli Opened Up About How Hard It's Been To Find A Therapist That Gets Her

She had a particularly bad experience at one therapy session.

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Hulu’s The D’Amelio show is now streaming, and the reality series has really shown viewers how Charli D’Amelio’s fame can make her life difficult sometimes. More specifically, an emotional scene centered on how hard it can be for the TikToker to get proper mental health care when you’re the Charli. As the show seeks to divulge all the personal deets, including the real-life struggles of achieving viral fame, Charli D’Amelio shared the issues she’s had with finding a therapist, and it’s heartbreaking.

D’Amelio is still only 17, and although she’s already got an enormously successful TikTok career, a hoodie collection, a reality TV show, and collabs with brands like Dunkin’, she’s still just a teen trying to balance everything in her life. The first hint fans see of D’Amelio’s struggles happens in the debut episode of the series, when she breaks down over hate comments she’s received online. The show has also included various example clips of the abusive comments she and her sister Dixie D’Amelio receive daily, and it’s an eye-opener. By the time Episode 7 rolls around, the TikToker reveals a lot about the constant pressure she’s experienced since going viral, and her struggles have included finding a good therapist.

In one scene, D’Amelio explains her predicament to her friends, detailing a recent experience she had in therapy. During the session, the therapist reportedly said, “Yeah, my daughter’s a huge fan of you.” As she was trying to explain her mental health struggles, he told her, “Yeah, you might be struggling, but you make my daughter really happy.”

As D’Amelio continued to explain the awkward (not to mention unprofessional) experience, she added, “I think it’s weird to bring up that I shouldn’t be upset.”

“And I’m not allowed to be upset because your daughter’s a fan, and she should make me happy,” D’Amelio continued. In the clip, the TikToker concluded, “I appreciate your daughter. But she’s not going to help a chemical imbalance in my brain.”

Later in the episode, she explained that experiences like those have made it hard for her to find a good therapist who will listen to her, but she still hopes to find a one someday.

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Although D’Amelio has had a hard time finding a therapist that gets her, hopefully she can find someone who won’t put her TikTok fame above her mental health in due time.