New Video Shows What Really Happened Between Kim K And Her LA 'Attacker'


OK, so everyone's freaking out about some incident that apparently went down between Kim Kardashian and some random dude on Sunday night.

People are saying that the reality star was attacked after the Fashion Los Angeles Awards. Now there's finally video available, so we can see for ourselves what really happened.

In video footage of the alleged attack obtained by TMZ, we can see paparazzi and bodyguards swarmed around Kim as she makes her way to her car from the Chinese restaurant, Mr. Chow.

As she's walking, a man appears to absent-mindedly walk into her as he's adjusting his sunglasses. Kardashian reacts by letting out a yelp, and her security team immediately apprehends the man and lets him go once Kim is in her car.

It seems pretty clear from the clip that this was definitely not an attack, but something that anyone who lives in LA or New York would just call "walking on a sidewalk." People accidentally bump into each other all the time... although, you would think that this dude would have noticed the horde of thirty paps and bodyguards in front of him and, like, gone around them.

Kim herself also clarified that the moment was just a random bump-in and nothing malicious. After stories were coming out calling the incident an attack, Kim tweeted that the reports of any assault were just "weird rumors," and cleared up that the man had accidentally hit a parking meter and not Kim herself.


So this whole drama was just about some stranger bumping into someone all along — no big deal.

But of course, Kim and her security team aren't playing around when it comes to any potential threats. Since the reality star was robbed at gunpoint in Paris six months ago, she has beefed up her security team to include armored cars and reportedly former members of the Secret Service.

That poor random dude had no clue what he was in for when he bumped into Kim.