Kim Kardashian Responds After Being 'Attacked' By Guy On The Street In LA

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Calm down, everyone. PLEASE. CALM. DOWN.

Despite worrisome rumors Kim Kardashian was "attacked" on the street in LA on Sunday night, she is completely unharmed.

Thank goodness -- the last thing the Kardashian-West family needs right now is another scare.

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It's been reported the famous mother-of-two had an abrupt run-in with a passerby on the street after attending the Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Sunday, April 2.

Kim K was leaving Mr. Chow after the award show when a stranger bumped into her.

Don't panic, though -- the passerby didn't harm Kim, regardless of any rumors saying he did.

However, a photographer captured the very moment the anonymous man swiped Kim mid-walk, and based off the picture, she looks pretty alarmed.

In the photo, she can be seen staring wide-eyed at the anonymous man while her friend looks shocked. Both women look taken aback, which may have sparked the rumors she was "attacked."

To help clear any rumors saying she was harmed, Kim took to Twitter and reassured her followers she was fine.


In her tweet, she explained how she read about being "attacked" outside of Mr. Chow online after Jonathan Cheban called and asked if she was OK.

Apparently, the "weird" rumors are "totally not true."

Even though the rumors were false, E! News did confirm she was "shocked" by the passerby who ran into her.

Thankfully, a bodyguard stepped in and prevented the interaction from escalating.

The run-in between Kim K and the stranger brings back memories of the fashionista's Paris ordeal, where she was robbed at gunpoint inside her hotel room.

She recently spoke about the terrifying encounter firsthand on an episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," and said she thought the robbers were going to rape and kill her.

Thanks to Kim's Twitter statement, we can rest assured the star was not attacked again on Sunday night.

Phew. We're happy you're OK, Kim.

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