11 Tweets That Sum Up How We All Feel About Drake And Taylor Swift Dating


We were minding our business and keeping up our usual hobbies this week: roasting Donald Trump on Twitter, laughing through the pain of our crippling food obsessions, waiting for winter to force us into a relationship that has a 40 percent chance of survival, etc.

But suddenly, like a bolt of *the moodiest* lightening...

Is this real life?

Is there any world in which Tay and Drake could be each other's Silver Springs?

Is “Taybrey Swaham” a figment of our imaginahams?

If there's any truth to this rumor, fans are about to lose days trying to wrap our minds around it.

This is honestly just too much to balance right now.

This world is falling apart.

Just trash it. Burn it. Burn your computer until it is a smoldering pile of ash.

Admit it, though, you're already psyched for that breakup jam.

Plus, it's a match made in corn heaven.

Drake and Taylor Swift are on the same corniness level, so I wouldn't really be surprised if they really are dating. pic.twitter.com/RIH1QnI11t — Raquel Willis (@RaquelWillis_) October 28, 2016

For now, the pair are keeping their mouths shut about their would-be relationship.

Or perhaps their mouths are busy kissing each other's mouth? Too early to tell.

Drake is fresh off his split from Rihanna. Combine those raw emotions with the pressure to cuff in the fall months and even the most emotionally detached among us could end up kissing Tay on rocks as the waves lap at our feet.

Both of these stars have had a complicated relationship with romance this year. Hearts soared, dreams came true and then every beautiful thing quickly crashed to the floor like a cabinet full of tupperware in an infomercial.

Maybe, for Taylor and Drake's sake, it makes sense to look the other way on this one, even if it's not the celebrity hookup we've been hoping for all these years.