Lifestyle — Cheese Makes Cheap Wine Taste Oh-So Much Better
by Eitan Levine

According to science, cheese will make your mouth feel like a billion dollar wine factory.

Cheese: The patron saint of nachos and the duke of giving you sleep farts.

This gooey, melty concoction from the gods has many purposes. It can feed you, it can take a dish to the next level, and it can even be there when you want to do nothing but cry and watch Netflix.

It can also have the ability to literally make money appear out of thin air, right inside of a wine glass!


According to a new study published in the Journal of Food Science called "Use of Multi-Intake Temporal Dominance of Sensations (TDS) to Evaluate the Influence of Cheese on Wine Perception" cheese has the ability to make the cheap wine you drink with it actually taste better.

Researchers found that by consuming cheese as you drink that crappy bottle of $3 Wallgreens brand Merlot -- or whatever personal, crappy bottle you have on hand -- you can actually improve the wine's bouquet, fruitiness and the general feeling of enjoyment you experience.

It also leads to a lack of that "dry mouth" wine sensation caused by tannins.

The theory was put to test at the Centre for Taste and Feeding Behaviour in Dijon, France.

There, 31 participating "wine buffs" (AKA probably alcoholics) were asked to rate a wine and then rate it again after they had some cheese in their system.

The results were that the 31 winos all rated the wines higher after eating the cheese.

Lead researcher Mara Galmarini told The Telegraph,

Thanks to our research we learned the duration of the perception of astringency of a certain wine could be reduced after having cheese and the four evaluated cheeses had the same effect. In short, when having a plate of assorted cheeses, the wine will probably taste better no matter which one they choose.

BRB, eating an entire brick of mozzarella while chugging a gallon box of wine.

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