A Cheese Festival Exists, And Everything Looks So Gouda

There are few things in life that can compare to the glorious taste of cheese.

If you ask me, cheese is like a magical, melty treat that instantly makes all of your hungry dreams come true. So it's no wonder a block of cheddar can be so addictive.

But seriously, if someone ever tells you that you need to get help for your cheese habits, you should probably tell them to STFU because there's no such thing as eating too much cheese. EVER.


If you're someone who is all too familiar with the struggle of being OD addicted to cheese, you might want to put down the mozzarella for a second and pay attention.

It turns out, there's an epic food festival specifically dedicated to your beloved cheesy BFF.

Allow me to introduce you to Foodbeast's cheese festival, Oozefest.

Tucked away in Santa Ana, California, you'll find a magnificent eating extravaganza that unites cheese worshippers from all over Southern California...


...and encourages you to stuff your face with all different types of cheese and innovative snacks -- judgment-free, of course!


If your idea of a good time includes being up to your eyeballs in all things cheese...

...you'll be glad to know Oozefest rounded up 50 epic vendors that dished out all sorts of insane snacks for the cheesiest lineup of festival foods.


There were melty meatball sandwiches...

Burgers dripping in delicious cheese...


Lobster mac and cheese tater tots...


Tantalizing fundido, chorizo, pork-belly tacos...


...and rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches that low-key looked like unicorns trapped between two slices of bread.


Seriously, someone pinch me. I must be dreaming.

If that's not enough to satisfy your dairy desires, they also had mac and cheese, chicken waffle sandwiches...


Queso Fundido Chorizo Brioche Donuts that basically looked like heaven on Earth...


Cheesy lobster taquitos...


Glorious, gooey pizza nachos that were so damn irresistible, they should be illegal...

...and Krabby Patty-inspired grilled cheese sandwiches that would make SpongeBob hella proud.

Did I mention there was also a fountain overflowing with hot sauce?

Yeah, I know. You might want to take a second to calm down and wipe away those tears of joy because this is a lot to take in all at once.

Before you quit your job and book a one-way ticket to Cali, there is one thing you should know.


Unfortunately, this almighty cheese festival only goes down once a year, and it happened last week.


But hey, look at the bright side. At least you can use some of these delectable, cheesy dishes as inspiration for your own snacks -- or food and wine pairings -- until next year's Oozefest returns.