78,000 Women Might All Wear This Rainbow Unicorn Costume For Halloween

Every year, I forget to think up a Halloween costume.

I'm not sure how it happens. One moment, it's August and I'm lazily drinking a frozen margarita on a patio somewhere. Thirty seconds later, Facebook invitations start arriving for spooky Halloween parties.

The one resource I depend on is Pinterest, digital home of all the crafty aunties in the universe. In five clicks or fewer, I can make an entire mummy costume just using a bedsheet and artfully placed mascara.

And, it seems as if I'm not the only Millennial who's painfully reliant on her more creative internet sisters for help. Typing in "Halloween costume" brings up hundreds of results, many of which have been pinned more than 50,000 times.

But the most popular of all is a winged, rainbow unicorn get-up by Instagram user Amy the Mermaid.

It's been pinned 78,000 times to 95,000 boards. Talk about popular.

Amy traded in her raver style for white wings, pairing her multicolored hair with a horn, ears and elaborate pink makeup. And, while Amy's dye job is her signature look, you can find a cheap cosplay wig on any number of costume sites.


Maybe it's the Technicolor contour or the stick-on gems, but Amy's costume is totally engrossing.

This isn't her first over-the-top look, either. They do call her "The Mermaid" for a reason.

If you're at all inspired by Amy's look, rest assured it's not difficult to recreate the day before your Halloween party in a total panic. All you'll need is a white dress, a horn and ears (easily made out of paper), stick-on jewels and makeup. Oh, and a rainbow wig.

Wings are optional since it's very clear unicorns don't have wings. That's Pegasus, who's a show pony of a different color.

Amy, if you can hear me, you need to take Unicorn Anatomy 101.

Happy Halloween-ing to all my procrastinators.