Trump Gets Trolled By Ellen DeGeneres With Hilarious Children's Book Titles

by Hope Schreiber

Ellen DeGeneres isn't one to get political. In fact, being political might alienate part of her audience.

The comedian also isn't one who usually gets mean. Comedians know to punch up, not down -- meaning they can make fun of someone with more power, success or money than them, but they shouldn't make fun of someone who is weaker than them.

Ellen doesn't punch at all.

Ellen would rather dance, interview cute kids and show pictures of animals, TBH.

But President Donald Trump can bring out the venom in a person. Venom, in Ellen's case, is adorable children's books making fun of number 45.

Inspired by Chelsea Clinton's new book "She Persisted," based on inspirational women, DeGeneres informed her audience Trump had his own books coming out.

Titles include "The Cat In The Make America Great Again Hat..."


"Oh, The Places You Won't Go (Because of The Travel Ban)..."


"The Very Hungry Caterpillar Who Lost His Meals On Wheels Program..."


"The Lion, The Witch and The Microwave That Might Be A Spy..."


And "Pat The President."


"Pat The President" is truly disturbing.

This isn't the first time Ellen has taken on President Trump.

After Trump picked "Finding Dory" as the first White House movie night, Ellen sent out a series of tweets and addressed it on "Ellen."


Sorry, I'm not sure why politely disagreeing with politicians makes me so excited.

But maybe all this Trump brouhaha is just to cover up the fact Ellen got WHITE GIRL WASTED on two glasses of wine and broke her finger. 

Hmm, trying to distract us from the real news here, Ellen? That you got fall-down drunk as a skunk the other night???

Granted, one time I got so drunk I fell on my own face and broke my nose... As they say, those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones or walk around naked.