SEO: Is Bryan The Next Bachelor? 'Bachelorette' Fans Hope So

Rachel Lindsay is getting extremely close to accepting a proposal from one of the three finalists on The Bachelorette. Eric, Peter, and Bryan still have to survive the fantasy suite and meeting Rachel's parents. Honestly, Bryan Abasolo is definitely a frontrunner. So if he doesn't win The Bachelorette, will Bryan be the next Bachelor?

*Gasp* Fans sure hope so. Everyone is so in love with Peter and Eric, but thinks Bryan is too good to be for real.

I get it, he's a sexy smooth talker and sounds like a Grade A f*ckboy most of the time. Trust me, I thought that for a long time, until a previous Bachelor alum changed my mind.

I tweeted comparing Bryan to Robby Hayes from JoJo Fletcher's season. They're both the type of guys who come off as players. Not to brag, but ROBBY HIMSELF TWEETED BACK AT ME THESE BEAUTIFUL WORDS.

Instant guilt sat in. Why shouldn't I give Bryan more of a chance? This leads me into my first point about why he should be the next Bachelor.

He has an amazing redemption story.

Everyone thinks he's a player, but I think Bryan could show America otherwise. It would be sweet to see the types of dates he plans and how he gets to know the different contestants.

He would be one of the hottest Bachelor's in history.

Bryan is hot. If you don't agree, you obviously have never looked at him. Sometimes the things he says are cheesy, but I can look past it. I would be interested in seeing more shots of Bryan getting dressed.

Plus, once he starts speaking Spanish, game over. Muy caliente.

His mom would figure out who's not there for the right reasons.

People were hating on the overprotective mom vibes, but could you imagine contestants having to go through the rigorous testing from his mother? She could start threatening people left and right, and it would be awesome. Finally, an interesting mom to fill the hole JoJo Fletcher's mom left behind.

He's been on a dating show before.

Red flag alert? I don't think so. He was on a show called The Player in 2004. While that seems like a negative, it actually means he could be more ready for love. In 2004, Bryan would have been 24. If there's a time to be a player, your early 20s is it. Now, Bryan is ready for a serious relationship. Or I'm not thinking clearly.

He could be someone's "too good to be true."

Ugh, I'm a sucker for that line. Rachel Lindsay has coined the phrase about Bryan, but if he goes on to be The Bachelor, he could be a fairytale ending for some lucky lady.

He's a family guy.

He has an adorable family and frequently posts photos with his parents, cousins, niece, and nephew. He has said that he also wants a family. Plus, a man who is that good to his  mother will be good to his wife.

I know you probably doubted Bryan's worthiness to be the next Bachelor at first, but have I made you a believer? I think so. Time will tell what's next for Bryan.