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Shay Mitchell's New TV Show Character For 'You' Is Nothing Like Emily Fields, Star Reveals


Shay Mitchell has it all: gorgeous hair, a loyal fanbase, and an aesthetically-pleasing Instagram that will make even the biggest social media stars feel jealous. More than that, Shay Mitchell has a new TV show in the works and plenty of memories from her latest adventures traveling around the world. Yup, you could say life hasn't been too bad after Pretty Little Liars ended. In fact, things seem pretty damn sweet. Elite Daily had the chance to speak with the 30-year-old on Sept. 6 at the launch of the Blue Delta Skymiles Credit Card from American Express event. Mitchell hosted the evening to highlight the travel and dining benefits the card has to offer. If you love traveling as much as Mitchell, then the Blue Delta Skymiles Credit card is definitely something you want in your hands.

After taking photos and trying all of the incredible food dishes at the Taste Of Travel event, I was able to chat with Mitchell about her new Lifetime drama series, You. The thriller, based on Caroline Kepnes' famous novel, stars Gossip Girl actor Penn Badgley as Joe, a bookstore owner who develops an obsession with a girl named Beck.

When asked about what fans can expect from her new show, Mitchell says,

Mitchell will play Peach Salinger, a close friend of Beck. After talking to the actress, it's clear her new role will be much different than the beloved Emily Fields she played on Pretty Little Liars. Mitchell explains,

Mitchell says it was "fun playing the nice girl" on Pretty Little Liars, but she's very excited to now play "the spicier girl." If you loved the drama and suspense that came from the Freeform show, then just wait, because You sounds like it might bring even more.

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In addition to talking about You, Mitchell opened up about her role in Cadaver, a new horror movie coming out in 2018:

As great as it was to hear about Mitchell's newest projects, the night was about one thing and one thing only: traveling. If you follow the model on Instagram (WHICH, UH, YOU SHOULD BECAUSE HER PICS ARE AMAZING), then you'll know she recently wrapped up a Shay-cation in Greece. Mitchell soaked up the sun and shared Snapchats of her poolside eats and cute summer styles. So, where can we expect to see the star travel next? Mitchell says,

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Same, girl. Same. If you're on a tight budget for the fall or want your next trip to be low-key, Mitchell shares some great advice:

Sounds like a solid time to me. I also asked Mitchell to share the one item she can't travel without:

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